Prime Minister of Ukraine Finds Office “Easier to Breathe in” After Orthodox Blessing

Here’s one I missed from a couple of weeks ago – the new Prime Minister of Ukraine has had a religious blessing on his office; from this description, it seems to have served the purpose of an exorcism: Before entering his new office, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov invited an Orthodox priest, Father Pavlo from Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, […]

English Teabaggers: The EDL vs “COMMUNISM!!!!”

A couple of left-wing websites have noted the English Defence League’s new target: union power and Communism. A couple of days ago the EDL’s site told us that The EDL know that unions have a part to play to protect workers’ rights, to ensure that employees are treated fairly in the workplace. However it would seem that […]

The Pope’s 2001 Letter

Back in 2005 I wrote a blog post about the new pope’s now-infamous 2001 letter containing instructions for dealing with accusations of child sex abuse against clergy. It seems topical to repost it. From the Observer: Pope Benedict XVI faced claims last night he had ‘obstructed justice’ after it emerged he issued an order ensuring the […]

Charles Tuhaise and the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Warren Throckmorton has details of a statement by Charles Tuhaise in his capacity as President of the National Association of Social Workers of Uganda (NASWU), defending the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Tuhaise rails against Alfred Kinsey for his influence on American society, using the usual talking-points (I blogged on some of these here); warns that homosexuality spreads disease; accuses gays of […]

Breast Implant Bomber Tale Rehashed by Sun, Goes Global

Joseph Farah described as “terrorist expert” BenSix draws to my attention an article in the Sun resurrecting the “terrorists with breast implants” story. According to the paper: FEMALE suicide bombers are being fitted with exploding breast implants which are almost impossible to detect, British spies have reportedly discovered. …Terrorist expert Joseph Farah claims: “Women suicide bombers recruited […]

Fiasco: LA Premiere of Geert Wilders Documentary Cancelled

The website for the film Islam Rising: Geert Wilders’ Warning to the West carries a passive-aggressive cancellation notice: Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller have cancelled the LA Premier featuring Geert Wilders and PRB Films’ new documentary film “ISLAM RISING”. As stated on the Atlas Shrugs website, the purpose of this cancellation is because Robert Spencer and Pamela […]

Prominent Activist and Academic Lives the Life of Brian

Here’s one I’ve missed: as is being widely reported, following an appearance on the Colbert Report, the academic and activist Raj Patel has been heralded as the long-awaited “World Teacher” Maitreya by Benjamen Creme and his Share International organisation; the New York Times reported last month that: The Maitreya clues — his age (supposed to be […]

Ed Brayton vs Ellis Washington

I’m jealous of Ed Brayton just now: a WorldNetDaily pundit has devoted a whole column to attacking him. The columnist is Ellis Washington, who has written numerous pieces attacking the theory of evolution on the grounds that it undermines Biblical morality. Ed sent Washington a question: Can you provide a coherent, consistent explanation other than common descent […]

The English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism on the Police

February: An English Defence League statement denounces alleged police bias in the wake of a protest in Edinburgh and the arrest of Tommy Robinson: …The Police threatened anyone who attempted to protest with immediate arrest. Meanwhile, far-left so-called ‘anti-fascism’ protesters were allowed to wander the streets without any Police opposition. These same protesters made numerous attempts […]

John Bolton’s Foreword for Book about Obama “The Mad Commie Clown”

Eric Roper at the Star Tribune recently blogged on a speech by Michele Bachmann which accused Obama of being un-American: She then took the un-American theme a step further, promoting former U.N. ambassador John Bolton’s claim that Obama is the first “post-American” president. She said “some have called” him this, though it’s largely credited to Bolton, […]