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“Cheerleader” Publishes Anti-Fascist Activist’s Home Address

The Cyber-bullies known as “the Cheerleaders” have apparently decided to widen the range of people whose home addresses they believe ought to be made known to hostile elements. As I’ve blogged numerous times, a  few months ago they published the blogger Tim Ireland’s home address with the stated intent that he should be forced to “go back to Australia”, and yesterday a “Cheerleader” who uses name “Shooter Kirpachi” decided to use the same strategy against Carl Morphett, who is prominent in anti-BNP activism. “Shooter” revealed Morphett’s address and car registration details on the “Cheerleadered” (sic) Facebook page, although a few hours later she reluctantly removed them. The details about the car mean that she must have got her information from the neo-fascist website Redwatch.

“Shooter” apparently felt justified in doing this because Morphett had given her friend Charlie Flowers the brush-off when he tried to contact  him on Facebook; this was probably due to Flowers’ association with the English Defence League’s Joel Titus. “Shooter”, as I have blogged numerous times previously, exults in this spiteful  threatening behaviour while hiding behind a pseudonym – she has even made an audio boasting that that police don’t know who she is.

UPDATE: This was how “Shooter” justifed her foray onto Redwatch to get personal and non-political information about Morphett:

This pious complaint about “swearing and shouting the odds from behind computer screens” comes from someone who refers to me on-line as being a “fat cunt”.