John Bolton’s Foreword for Book about Obama “The Mad Commie Clown”

Eric Roper at the Star Tribune recently blogged on a speech by Michele Bachmann which accused Obama of being un-American:

She then took the un-American theme a step further, promoting former U.N. ambassador John Bolton’s claim that Obama is the first “post-American” president. She said “some have called” him this, though it’s largely credited to Bolton, who was using the term as a commentary on Obama’s foreign policy.

Bolton himself also used the phrase again this week in an editorial for the Wall Street Journal.

It is perhaps also worth noting that Bolton has written a foreword to a forthcoming book entitled The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, by none other than Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Bolton has previously expressed himself to be “a fan” of Geller (she interviewed him in 2007) and they move in the same circles, but even so it is remarkable that a man of his status should wish his name to appear on the cover of book by an author known for such extravagantly vulgar political discourse. The book was submitted to the publisher (Threshold, a Simon & Schuster imprint) in December; she announced on her Atlas Shrugs blog that it would be:

The beginning of the end of the mad commie clown.

Her bombastic blog gives us a good idea of what level of discussion to expect. She has recently railed against “the current coup”, and has declared that a census-taker’s wish to talk to her is proof that Obama

intends to use the census to fix the next and future elections so as to ensure his Radical Left polices prevail for the long-term.

Charles Johnson points out that to Geller

the President who is simultaneously a master schemer with a secret plan to turn America into a Nazi-like state, and an ignorant illiterate who doesn’t even know how to hold a pen.

Geller had written that:

Every time I see BHO sign another bill, I am fascinated at how he holds a pen. He holds a pen like an illiterate. Have you seen it? Like a little kid who just learned how to write and he signs a scribble.

He makes an O instead of an X.

Just sayin.

Actually, he holds a pen the same way Prince William does (and the way I do, as it happens) – it’s an inverted style often found in left-handed writers (she’s not the first to have made a meal of it). Geller has also used her blog to promote a guest-post claiming that Obama is the illegitimate son of Malcolm X; she later complained that this was being used unfairly to suggest that she believed such a thing herself.

She also throws around the most excessive accusations against anyone else she takes a dislike to; unsuprisingly, the word “Nazi” looms large in her polemical vocabulary, and she believes that journalists critical of the role of neo-Pentecostal pastors in the Rifqa Bary case “ought to be charged with incitement to violent honor killing”. I recently noted her crudely abusive response to an attack by Max Blumenthal. For those who wish to probe the sewer more deeply, I recommend the archives of Sadly No.

As for her co-author Robert Spencer, in 2008 I noted his claim that Obama had sent a secret message to Muslims by using his full name during the presidential inauguration. Spencer has also endorsed a Christian fundamentalist book which warns that the Bible predicts the rise of a Muslim anti-Christ.