The English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism on the Police

February: An English Defence League statement denounces alleged police bias in the wake of a protest in Edinburgh and the arrest of Tommy Robinson:

…The Police threatened anyone who attempted to protest with immediate arrest. Meanwhile, far-left so-called ‘anti-fascism’ protesters were allowed to wander the streets without any Police opposition. These same protesters made numerous attempts to attack EDL and SDL supporters, while nearby Police officers turned a blind eye. It is clear that today’s Police actions were politically motivated and that the Police Force as a whole can no longer be considered to be politically neutral. They have chosen their side.

March: Unite Against Fascism’s Weyman Bennett denounces alleged police bias in the wake of a protest in Bolton and his own arrest:

I have been to more than 200 demos and never been arrested… Officers came up to me as soon as I arrived and said they would arrest me. They are hostile to anti-racists and there needs to be an investigation. Police neutrality needs to be questioned.

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  1. Nice one! When will these groups realise that, generally speaking, the only “bias” the Police have is for the peaceful, silent majority that keeps away from “non-violent” protests. Most Policemen (and women) are ordinary working folk who do not want too much excitement in their day’s work and, therefore, are bound to have a personal “bias” against anyone who disrupts their life. Also, like ordinary folk, they get scared and, in the face of what they consider a threat (possibly imagined) they are bound to react. As always, it’s Police bias or Police brutality. Most of us would not want the Police to be present at these protests. Lock the various groups in a large warehouse and let them “protest” each other to Kingdon Come!

  2. Yes, the riot police who marched into the UAF demonstrators were certainly looking for a peaceful life. So was the cop caught on camera passing a joke with an EDL Nazi. Coz we all know police are riddled with lefties, with not a fascist amongst them. That’s why we know genuine journalistic balance is holding the word of heartfelt anti-fascist demonstrators as equivalent to goose stepping Muslim hating scum.

  3. Fair play to the EDL for holding a reletivly peaceful demo. Shame on the UAF for blaming ”Intitutional racism” for there performance on saturday.

  4. Of the 70 individuals arrested, 55 were from the UAF. The latter have no support amongst the population and it really shows.

    At some point this gang of deluded ( and oh-so manipulated!) 60s replicants will face something akin to the World Trade centre riots back in 1970. What they think is their constituency will show them the door.

  5. Weyman Bennett’s arrogance in the face of arrest – after he has presided over campaigns of disinformation (labelling the EDL and SIOE as being “BNP”) – is hilarious. He has been behind the strategies of UAF’s “counter-demonstrations” and it is obvious that these counter-demos have never had a peaceful intention.

    Weyman Bennett claims to be against racism yet his role as joint leader of the UAF exists because of a policy of racism. Leaders of the UAF have to be non-white.

    Weyman Bennett belongs to the SWP, a group which generally appeals to a particular tranche of white people who have wet dreams about Trotsky, “permanent revolution” etc. I wonder if he has ever considered that he is but a puppet, and that his “power” within UAF is only a “gift” from Martin Smith.

    Poor Weyman, despite claiming to be “in charge”, is but a product of tokenism, chosen to lead UAF only on account of his colour.

    If the SWP is REALLY against racism, why is Weyman Bennett not given a higher and more influential role in the inner circle of the SWP leadership? Or is that clique reserved only for the white “ubermenschen”?

  6. The actions of the UAF at the two recent EDL rallies will have lost them a great many supporters.
    What mainstream politician can now support such a violent group, I think they have shot themselves in the foot.

    Unions like the NUT should be wondering why they support such people and more to the point, if the NUT continue to support the UAF then what does that say about those teaching our kids. Parents ought to be asking questions.

    Is it not time the UAF were banned from holding counter protest on the same day, time and place as the EDL.


    • Yes Arthur and the actions of the ED at the two recent rallies will have won them a great many supporters.

      It is a brilliant turn around after the disgrace of Stoke

  7. […] of MPs, including Prime Minister David Cameron, who is a founding signatory. A number of critics have suggested that the UAF and other “anti-fascists” are just as violent as their ideological […]

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