Robert Kiyosaki: Troofer Dad, Poor Dad

Election denialism in the USA is alive and well, despite a more muted response to the midterm results than we saw in 2020. Case in point: “wealth guru” Robert Kiyosaki, on Twitter:

STALIN said: “It’s not who votes that counts. It is who counts the votes that counts.” America is dying. Our votes no longer count. Speak out. Fight back. Demand recounts now, not next election. Democracy is at stake and worth fighting for. Don’t let Communists steal our freedom.

Kiyosaki is a leading figure the “wealth guru” subculture. His Rich Dad, Poor Dad books have sold millions, and thousands have paid to attend his seminars in various countries. Repeated predictions of an imminent financial crash have kept him in the news for years.

Kiyosaki has also long been associated with Donald Trump; in 2007 the two men co-authored Why We Want You Be Rich, publicity material for which also featured Trump’s prosperity gospel evangelist Paula White (1). Presumably, Kiyosaki’s investment in election conspiracy rhetoric is an example of the debasing influence that holds sway over all those who embrace Trump’s movement.

Ahead of the midterms, Kiyosaki endorsed election conspiracy theorist Kari Lake in Arizona and appeared on stage with her; his most recent Tweets denounce the “Clinton and Obama Crime Families”, and perhaps inevitably he has also jumped on the World Economic Forum conspiracy theory bandwagon. He also commends Jordan Peterson’s “words of wisdom” to his 2.2 million followers.

Despite formerly promoting real estate investment, he now says that “Marxist took over the US in the 2020” and will raise property taxes; instead, “I recommend gold, silver, Bitcoin”. His latest book, Capitalist Manifesto (2), is a boilerplate rant if the blurb is anything to go by:

Marx’s ideology was spreading through America via the education system. In 2020, protestors are parents, protesting mandatory vaccines for their children, wearing of masks, and the teaching of Critical Race Theory, gender identity, and Post-Modernist Education… all Marxist in heritage.

His view of the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccination is that both are “fishy” and a way for Bill Gates to make money.

In 2010 a journalistic investigation into Kiyosaki’s seminars in Canada found “aggressive sales tactics… where participants are urged to increase their credit card limits after being pressured to spend tens of thousands of dollars on advanced courses”. In 2012 one of his companies declared bankruptcy following a legal dispute.


1. In terms of religion, Kiyosaki describes God as “the best business partner that I’ve ever had”, and he recommends tithing 10% to “charitable organizations”. However, he doesn’t appear to be affiliated with Christianity and one of his books, Rich Brother Rich Sister: Two Different Paths to God, Money and Happiness, was co-authored with his sister Tenzin (Emi) Kiyosaki, a former Buddhist nun who was ordained by the Dalai Lama.

2. According to some listings, the full title is Capitalist Manifesto: Money for Nothing – Gold, Silver and Bitcoin for Free. However, that absurd and self-parodying subtitle does not appear on the cover and it’s possible there’s been some automated confusion somewhere.