Conspiracists Back “Not Our Future” Pledge

The latest bit of networking for (mostly) British conspiracists:

Not Our Future exists purely to fight for the survival of our way of life as we know it.

The organisation was founded by David Fleming, who also founded the Covid19 Assembly and the Together Declaration. David departed the Together Declaration at the end of 2021 but still oversees the Covid19 Assembly, which has a few ongoing long-term projects.

Visitors to the website are encouraged to sign a pledge saying that they “reject the future that is being forced upon us”, starting with measures against the spread of Covid but then extrapolating into a wider list of grievances:  “Rampant inflation and unsustainable debt caused by uncontrolled money printing”; “belligerently supporting war instead of negotiating for peace” (i.e. support for Ukraine); “Unaffordable food and energy prices exacerbated by war” (i.e. Ukraine again); “De-industrialisation caused by the NetZero energy crisis”; corporate censorship of “news and facts” and legislation “to curtail freedom of speech”; “identity politics”; “Looming food shortages resulting from forced buy-out of productive farmland”; “Attempting to grant the World Health Organisation power to direct worldwide pandemic management policies”; amd “Digital IDs and programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies”. The masterplan is explained as “United Nations Agendas 21 & 30 and the Sustainable Development Goals”.

There is also a short video statement from 1990s novelty pop duo Right Said Fred, and a list, with headshots, of prominent signatories. A useful guide to many of these has been posted to Twitter by John Bye, which I here quote more or less in full for the record:

Many HART members signed up to stop this apocalyptic conspiracy theorist’s vision of the future, including Clare Craig (“seeding the thought vaccines cause covid”), Gary Sidley (anti-mask campaigner), Michael Yeadon (“depopulation agenda”) and Patrick Fagan (Cambridge Analytica). Other HART members on the founding signatories list include Tess Lawrie (also of BIRD, World Council for Health etc) and Bob Moran (an ex Telegraph cartoonist who accused a prominent scientist of “promoting the idea of ritualistic child sacrifice”). [1]

PANDA founder Nick Hudson (who recently said the lives of people involved in lockdowns should be destroyed) and PANDA executive committee member Piers Robinson (who defends dictators accused of chemical weapon attacks) are also founding signatories. Even further out on the fringe are funeral director John O’Looney (who claims there were no excess deaths in 2020), Dolores Cahill (international fugitive), Reiner Fuellmich (accused by his own group of embezzling their funds) and Robin Monotti (Putin apologist and Yeadon’s BFF).

Other signatories include veteran anti-vaxxer Del Bigtree (who produced Andrew Wakefield’s film about the MMR vaccine), Vernon Coleman (AIDS denier), Robert Malone (who claims to have invented mRNA vaccines) and long time New World Order conspiracy theorist Patrick Wood. Then there’s a host of journos who amplified Yeadon’s paranoid claims: Neil Oliver (GB News’ lead conspiracy theorist), Maajid NawazKathy Gyngell (of conspiracy rag Conservative Woman) and James Delingpole (ex Breitbart London). And last and least, the hangers on: out of work actors Laurence Fox (Reclaim UK) and John Bowe (who setup a vaccine injury “helpline” that refers people to homeopaths), ex-footballer Matt Le Tissier (fired by Sky Sports) and Right Said Fred (novelty pop act turned anti-vaxxers).


Mike Stock is one third of Stock Aitken Waterman, the 1980s pop factory behind Kylie Minogue’s early hits... He joins Right Said Fred and DJ Danny Rampling, who ironically founded a “carbon neutral DJ campaign” .. but has now signed a pledge against Net Zero.

Simon Elmer co-founded Architects for Social Housing, and went from campaigning for council houses to writing a book “Road to Fascism: A Critique of the Global Biosecurity State”…. Frank Furedi co-founded the Revolutionary Communist Party, and writes about a “culture of fear”.

David Charalambous runs Reaching People, a “coalition partner” of Tess Lawrie’s World Council for Health, apparently giving advice on how covid contrarians can get through to us normies. Tom Woods is a libertarian author from America, who was a founding member of the League of the South .. a neo-Confederate group! His colleagues there included the AIER’s Jeffrey Tucker, who was behind the Great Barrington Declaration and the Brownstone Institute.

As for Fleming himself, Bye explains that he’s “responsible for a long line of companies that were struck off without ever filing accounts. Most recently the Covid-19 Assembly. He claims he just set it up wrong, but it conveniently lets him dodge filing accounts for yet another year.”


1. Bob Moran was recently at a Carlton Club dinner party hosted by British QAnon (and Putin) enthusiast and millionaire hotelier John Mappin. Other guests included Nigel Farage, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Charlie Kirk and Lois Perry (along with the lesser-known Amanda Eliasch and Andrew M Fox). Mappin also Tweeted that he wished that Kim Dotcom had been present, and that he had been “much discussed”. Presumably Kirk was taking the photos posted by Mappin, as he does not appear in them – Mappin helped Kirk with setting up Turning Point UK, although TPUK is now keen to downplay the association.