Youngstown, Ohio: The Trump Rally Prayer

The livestream of Donald Trump’s rally in Youngstown, Ohio is unfortunately missing the start of it, which means that the name of the person who is first shown speaking is currently unknown.

It’s a matter of some interest, as it appears that this person (presumably a pastor) was offering up the opening prayer. Here’s what the camera captured – although my transcript cannot adequately convey the speaker’s overwrought delivery as he mangles American history and speaks of Trump in near-Messianic terms:

…in Scripture that no-one’s good, not even one. No-one seeks you, and by nature we’re sinful, we’re prideful we’re self-righteous, we’re ungrateful, we’re jealous. But God we thank you so much that you sent your only Son, who’s always been, will always be, and you sent him to come into this world like a man, and he was a man, and he walked this earth. And he took all of our sins in his body, and he took the punishment in our stead.

And I thank you this truth is what our founding fathers stood on. I thank you that most of our founding fathers they were born-again Christians, they loved you immensely. I thank you in the past, Lord, where they couldn’t tell the difference between a church service and a government meeting, because they prayed and they sung hymns, because they glorified you, knowing that without you they could not fail, they could not succeed.

But Father God, today’s 2017 and we’ve thrown you out of schools, and we ask God to forgive us. Sixty million babies have been killed. Sexual immorality’s everywhere. A man’s word is no longer good. Sin runs rampant, drugs are everywhere, idolatry, poverty, division, hopelessness. God, so many people are hurting, they’re hungry, and Lord you are the only hope that we have.

And I thank you God that in the midst of being our only hope, you gave us a new president.

[Cheers from crowd]

Father God, we ask that you anoint President Donald Trump. We ask God you put your armor of protection around him. You placed him for a time like this. We ask God that you give him wisdom, supernatural wisdom. I pray God you give him that heart to seek you every day, to do the right thing in your eyes. I pray God as Solomon said, “Give me understanding, the heart to judge your people, to discern good and evil”, and I pray God you’ll anoint him and protect him in every way.

I ask God you put your armor around him Lord, because there’s much division, many people dislike him Lord. But you placed him at this time, at this hour, for this country. And we ask God that you will use him powerfully. That he will always do the right thing. I pray that he’ll always seek your counsel, I pray God that he’s in his prayer closet every day asking you God what your will is.

And I pray God that you’ll use him to lead this country to a better place. And I pray God, that we as your people, will follow you as you use President Trump. And Father we ask all this in the precious name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Our Saviour, Our king, Our judge, our only hope. Amen

[Cheers from crowd]

Commentary is probably superfluous; I previously looked at similar pro-Trump religious rhetoric here.

(H/T @ChristnNitemare here)