New Nathan Morris Miracle Healing Claim

From ASSIST News (via Charisma News):

God-Ordained Miracle Stuns Doctors Prepared to Operate

A Sheffield man has mystified the medical profession following the miraculous healing of a huge tumor on his face.

Ken Gorman suffered excruciating pain after a small lump, discovered at the end of May 2013, grew bigger and bigger. Doctors prescribed tablets for the pain and sent him to Rotherham General Hospital for investigation, where an MRI scan found three tumors (or three broken sections of a tumor) wrapped around the central nerve in the side of his face.

Surgery was arranged for early July. Meanwhile, he heard of a healing meeting at Hull City Hall led by evangelist Nathan Morris…

“Within the next 10 days, the huge swelling on my face had receded, all pain was gone and I was off all medication…”

The story is now making its way into various Christian news sources (including a Brazilian site in Portuguese). We are not told what kind of a tumour it was, but its rapid growth and then disappearance within the space of a month (Morris was in Hull from 13-15 June 2013) perhaps suggests a cyst of some sort. We are not given much of a case history (or even a photo of the symptom), and there is no first-hand evidence that medical professionals were indeed “stunned”.

Morris previously made the news in 2010, when the Daily Mail drew attention to a YouTube clip from the “Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival” in Mobile, Alabama, in which Morris prays over a woman in wheelchair who then rises up and takes a few unsteady steps. The woman, Delia Knox, had apparently been wheelchair-bound since in accident in 1987; she now appears to have normal mobility, and her case has been extensively celebrated in Christian media. (1)

Morris is British, and his Shake the Nations Ministries has an address in Rotherham, UK. However, he relocated to Alabama in 2011 and then to Apopka in Florida last year. He travels widely, and says that his team has “witnessed over 100,000 Muslims and Hindus convert to Christianity”. The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival was held at John Kilpatrick’s Church of His Presence, and Morris and Kilpatrick are regular collaborators. Kilpatrick featured on this blog just recently, after he received a special message from God in which God explained that He had “raised up” Donald Trump.

Kilpatrick and Morris also used to appear with Steve Hill, a rather overwrought evangelist who died in 2014; Kilpatrick and Hill’s 1997 Brownsville Revival was the the subject of a critical investigation by the Pensacola News Journal.


(1) Knox pursued a career as a Christian singer while she was disabled, and she gave her testimony in a video that appears to date from the 1990s that has been uploaded to YouTube here. She explains that she received a head injury from being in a car accident caused by a drunken driver, and the video shows her attempting physiotherapy exercises. There’s also what seems to be a passing reference to a brain tumour at 2.40.