John McCain’s Illness and Claims of Supernatural Causality

One of the easiest things in the world is to imagine the most misguided or unpleasant “hot take” on a subject of public interest, and then seek out its existence on Google as a specimen of human stupidity and/or malice. Thus Newsweek runs a headline:

John McCain Cancer Is ‘Godly Justice’ For Challenging Trump, Alt-Right Claims

…”The last president for McCain will be Trump. There’s some godly justice right there,” wrote one user on the “Politically Incorrect” message board of social media network 4chan, a hothouse of right-wing memes.

“I’m pretty sure that God is punishing him,” wrote another 4chan user. “God made it pretty clear that he supports New Right now.”

It is unlikely that these trivial taunts reflect a strong belief that McCain’s illness is due to supernatural causality. For that, there is a social media ministry called “John 8:32- The Truth Will Set You Free”:

BREAKING! John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer – WOW! THIS IS WHY WE ARE WARNING DO NOT TOUCH GOD’S ANOINTED POTUS TRUMP! (pray for John’s repentance, salvation, healing and deliverance in Jesus’ name)


On the one hand, there’s not much evidence that the author here has any particular standing or influence within a wider religious context; but on the other, Trump as “anointed” is now a trope within US Neo-Pentecostalism, and this includes claims that critics will either be punished by God or allowed to suffer misfortune.

In particular, there is a man named Mark Taylor, who claims to have received a prophecy in 2011 of a Trump presidency. Taylor has recently been catapulted to Christian media celebrity status, with appearances on the Jim Bakker Show and on other programmes that blend evangelical Christianity and conspiracy theories (Rick Wiles’s TruNews, Josh Peck’s The Sharpening Point, and Carl Gallups’s Freedom Friday). He is also the author of a book called The Trump Prophecies, co-authored with Mary Colbert (wife of best-selling Christian nutritionist Don Colbert) and published by Thomas Horn.

Taylor has explicitly said that those who criticise Trump will fall ill; as Right Wing Watch transcribed last month:

“God has anointed this man for such a time as this,” Taylor said of Trump. “God says, ‘Do not touch my anointed,’ and Donald Trump is anointed by God and that’s why you saw people literally getting kicked out of the race because they were going after Donald Trump. You’re seeing it in the news media right now. Megyn Kelly was a prime example. She went after Donald Trump in the first debate, she got violently ill that morning and she didn’t even know if she was going to be able to do the debate and that was a warning shot from the Lord saying, ‘Do not touch my anointed.'”

Given this context, there is absolutely no reason why Taylor would not say the same thing about McCain. Unless he’s hesitating over how such a claim might be received.

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  1. That is the one thing about religion it does work for all. With your God or prophet, you can win wars, cause plagues, or see off your enemies. Everyone can have a go at interpreting ‘Gods anger’ or his blessings.

    God bless the President, God bless the Queen.

  2. Let us be positive and pray for President Trump: He won against all the odds of the East Coast Establishment and he has promised to make America great again.

  3. Nevertheless The blood of many are in this silver spooned war mongers hands, makes a horrid fit with the violent Bushes & Sodomic Obama’s /Clintons with the Fake news & filthy hollywood, which principles the Bible calls as “Sodom & Egypt” even before the nation was born, America underlined in the beliefs of Egypt, the same beliefs that killed Christ off the Pharisees(Zionists), they who call themselves as Jews, are not , but are the synagogues of satan with their speculative talmuds, applied to the Medias, faking the truth.
    All of Israel is not Israel, for all that came out of Egypt apart from the children of the Patriarchs, were a mixed multitude, the inheritors of the holy cow.

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