WND Finds Another Gaza “Miracle” Claim

From WND again:


One of the many Israeli soldiers who have been dispatched to Gaza over the years to eliminate rocket-launching equipment and lower the threat of destruction to Israeli citizens has testified to the miracles he witnessed.

Such as a day of firefights, explosions and terror, with the only resulting injury a scratch that was handled with a baby wipe.

The testimony comes from Ariel Siegelman, who was with an Israel campaign a few years ago.

The same issue, arose, however, in recent weeks in a conflict between Israel and Gaza that erupted when Hamas fighters in Gaza began a rocket attack on next-door Israel.

WND reported then that an operator of Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defense system said he personally witnessed the “hand of God” diverting an incoming rocket.

I discussed some background to that earlier report here: the “operator” was unnamed, his supposed quote was second-hand, and it’s not even clear that the second-hand source was authentic. The story came on the heels of a claim that Hamas had supposedly admitted that “the God of the Jews” is diverting its missiles (discussed here).

Siegelman’s “testimony”, which has been available online for several years, is of a rather more modest sort. He does not claim to have seen any kind of interruption of the natural order; rather, the “miracle” is his subjective interpretation of why it was that his unit was able to get in and out of Gaza without experiencing death or serious injury, and of why a “double rainbow” appeared as they were on their way out.

Siegelman also wrote about his experiences in a 2009 article for Colloquium, a journal published by the US Army/US Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Center, in which he contrasted Israel’s failure in Lebanon with success in Gaza:

It is not good training, technology, or strategy that makes bullets miss their targets or causes your eye to notice a trip-wire. For those experiences, I have to thank the Big Guy upstairs. He and I became very close during those cold nights… The successes that we saw in Gaza resulted from a combination of an appropriate response to the new kind of enemy, a healthy Israeli attitude that fiercely guarded its men and its right to stop intolerable attacks against its people, and protection from the Almighty, which some people call “luck”.

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