Rick Joyner Warns of Global Pandemic: Advises Buying Water Filter that also Protects from Cancer

From Right Wing Watch:

On today’s “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” broadcast, Rick Joyner warned his viewers that the rise of some sort of global pandemic (maybe Ebola or possibly bird flu) in the near future was inevitable and so they should be stockpiling food, water, and supplies… In particular, Joyner recommended that people stock up on water filters  – which they can buy through his website, of course – especially ones that can help users reduce the pH level in their bodies, which he says will make them immune to cancer.

Right Wing Watch notes that the medical claim about cancer is nonsense.

The broadcast is billed as being “about some of the world’s most pressing issues, including the Ebola epidemic and how to prepare for the days to come”. This is vintage Joyner; although he claims to receive special words of prophecy from God, his fearmongering warnings tend to follow the curve: after the Fukushima disaster, his dubious grasp of plate tectonics led him – and Jim Bakkerto warn that a similar disaster would very soon hit the west coast of the USA.

Water filters are listed on Joyner’s MorningStar Disaster Response page; he’s not selling them himself, but there’s a click-through to a company called Zeb Gear. Joyner’s site adds:

Zeb Gear is an excellent resource for any other high quality disaster preparedness items that your household might need… Should you choose to purchase any items from the Zeb Gear website, please use the code MSTAR when checking out.

However, the Zeb Gear website is down, and its social media presence appears to have fallen into disuse. An archived version of the website, though, shows that it sold a range of products ahead of “Economic Apocalypse” (“The amount of the U.S. dollar in circulation is skyrocketing. What does it mean for you?”) and “The Next Pandemic: Disaster without Boundaries”.  The owners – Brian and Laura Kunzie – have appeared in a National Geographic documentary series on Doomsday Preppers, and they have a particular concern over bird flu. There’s no indication that they themselves have ever claimed that the filters can provide protection from cancer.

Joyner’s website shows that the company also had, or has, a presence at the Heritage Grand Hotel in Fort Mill – this property is owned by Joyner’s ministry, and was restored from the ruins of Bakker’s doomed Heritage USA project. As Joyner notes in his broadcast, Bakker also has a sideline in survival products.