Paul Ray Makes Link with “Newcastle Hard Man Paddy Conroy”

A website with the unencouraging name News of the World Online (no relation to the recently deceased Murdoch newspaper of that name), has news of Paul Ray‘s return to the UK from Malta:

…Ray… claimed that on his return to England’ along with the Newcastle hard man Paddy Conroy, will be planning to tackle the implementation of Shari law zones which the extremist Muslims intend to enforce in Tower Hamlets, London.

Conroy, described by the British TV station channel 5 as “the most dangerous man in Britain” in a European advert for a documentary which they made on Conroy, is also the only Englishman known to have very close association with the Chinese Triad groups.

Conroy, when asked about his association with Paul Ray and the Templar Knight’s which Ray controls stated that he were only the group’s cook, but had taken it upon himself to ensure that nobody gets away with harming Ray in any way.

While details of the NoTW Online story cannot be confirmed, Ray has posted a photo of himself standing alongside Conroy in a kitchen, along with a link to the documentary. Curiously, the documentary was made by Donal MacIntyre; MacIntyre also once made a programme about Nick Greger, who became a close associate of Ray in Malta.

Conroy’s life of crime is discussed in a 2007 interview for the Evening Chronicle. Although he admits to having committed acts violence, he assures readers that his conviction for torturing a member of a rival gang was a miscarriage of justice:

“All the stuff with the pliers happened, it’s just I wasn’t there.”

Ray, meanwhile, remains notorious over claims of a possible link to Anders Breivik; according to the AFP, Ray was recently interviewed by Norwegian police:

Ray, who lives in Malta, is widely considered to be the unnamed “mentor” mentioned by Breivik in the 1500-page manifesto he posted online shortly before carrying out the attacks.

Ray “was cooperative enough” during 15 hours of questioning over three days and “denied any link with the suspect”, [police prosecutor Paal-Fredrik] Hjort Kraby said.

Norwegian police are, however, still investigating whether Ray and Breivik had any electronic contact and Ray could be asked to return to Oslo for further questioning, the officer said.

As I blogged here, the notion of Ray as Breivik’s mentor is in fact highly improbable, even if it is “widely considered” to be the case: a shared interest in Templar and generic Crusader imagery is the only example of any kind of link.