New “Islamic Anti-Christ” Novel Series on the Way

Joel Richardson has good news for those who think that what the world needs is more novels about how current events are a sign of the Last Days:

THE JIHAD’S MESSIAH (JIHAD SERIES BOOK I) In a future when world power has shifted to the Middle East, and the Arab nations have signed a seven-year peace treaty with Israel, a radical Iraqi leader-known as Al-Mahdi, “the Awaited One” -rises to power promising to convert the world to Islam…

It’s a wearily familiar story – the rapture has occurred, but somehow the world has carried on more or less as normal along a path extrapolated from trends the author (a certain Nick Daniels) finds troubling today. Ten years ago the Left Behind novels imagined a United Nations in thrall to the anti-Christ; today it’s Islam. Doubtless in a few years we’ll be reading similarly mangled Bible prophecies about a Chinese anti-Christ.

The Jihad’s Messiah is published by Risen Books of Overton, Oregon. It is an imprint of D&D Books of Galveston, Texas, which was founded by a certain Diego Pineda and is known for publishing technical and training materials for medical writers (there’s no connection with Dungeons and Dragons).