Who Created Fake Paul Ray Blog in 2009?

From the Malta Independent:

Interpol has reportedly requested Maltese police to investigate Paul Ray and his alleged links to Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. At the request of the Norwegian police, the Maltese authorities have been asked specifically to identify Mr Ray’s acquaintances and movements in Malta.

Norwegian leading newspaper Dagbladet reported that Interpol has filed a request with the Maltese police to investigate Mr Ray and that it will be the Security Services which will be assisting the Norwegian investigators with the line of inquiry.

As I’ve written previously, there are no “links” – just a shared interest in Templar matters.

However, the police must of course look at everything in detail just to be sure – in which case, they may well cast an eye over EDL Chronicles, a shortlived fake blog which was created in August 2009 in Paul Ray’s name. It carries several articles reposted wholesale from his Lionheart blog, along with a new introduction in which the author writes that

At this present time i have decided to concentrate on supporting the English Defense League. But also getting support from StormFront and the National Front and the British National Party and many more.

This was brought to my attention by an email on the same day:

Dear Bartholomew

You are a traitor to our Country, but im letting you know this.  I have had a break, and wish to carry on supporting what i will for our fellow Countrymen.  You are a left wing idiot.  im disgusted. Reported what you will about me, i am using ip protection.  But still Supportive wise to be open of what i believe in.  You have not read all of my blog, but that is your undoing… We will succed

The address was a “lutonlionheartuk” at gmail, which is very similar to Ray’s email address and obviously meant to mislead.

So, who wrote the above, which seeks to link Ray with Neo-Nazis?

Perhaps it was a rival EDL activist, wishing to discredit him. Perhaps it was someone hoping to mislead me, so that I would look foolish. The poor spelling could well be a red herring – it looks affected, and the creation of the fake website was done carefully. In the months that followed, I also received fake communications from sockpuppets pretending to be an anarchist and an Islamic extremist – I wrote about this in August 2010, and the man I suspected created an abusive blog about me two days later.

Whoever created the fake blog, it now stands as clear evidence that playing around with sockpuppeting is grossly irresponsible, as well as unethical (for other examples see here and here). The real author of the fake blog should now step forward and admit what they have done. Doing so may save the police and security services a bit of time in dealing with very serious matters, and would be a way to make amends. Failing to do so would make a mockery of any supposed “higher purpose” which might be in the author’s mind.