Håvar Krane and Stop Islamisation of Norway

Norway’s TV2 has a report about Håvar Krane, a (since repudiated) mayoral candidate for Norway’s right-wing Democrats in Norway (Demokratene i Norge) Party. Krane had attended a Stop Islamisation of Norway (Stopp islamiseringen av Norge, SIAN) conference at the Anker Hotel in Oslo in February, following which he was secretly recorded expressing the “pleasure” he would get from having a certain politician kneel before him prior to execution by gun, and discussing using Molotov cocktails to block exits from a government building which he would then enter.

Krane made his remarks during a private discussion in the hotel bar with a couple of Norway Defence League activists; it was also reported that Kaspar Birkeland, another Democrat mayoral candidate, had been present, although he claims that he had gone to bed by this point. Krane now says these were “empty words” during a “heated” conversation, and he has been interrogated by the police.

Birkeland also claims that Krane was asked to leave SIAN over his extremism after just a couple of weeks. Back in April Searchlight suggested that Krane was part of a faction in the NDL that was attracting members of SIAN, and that some NDL elements consider SIAN leader Arne Tumyr to be “soft”. However,  Tumyr is praised in Krane’s blog, which is currently set at private view but available to a limited extent through Yahoo cache and Google page previews. The blog also shows that Krane was, on the face of it, genuinely appalled by Breivik’s terrorism and by the reality of violence. He raises the possibility that Breivik’s actions were the result of collusion between the far-right and jihadism, but only as speculation.

Meanwhile, Adam Barnett notes in the Spittoon that

Stop the Islamisation of Norway have stated that ‘the politically correct Norway must take their share of the blame for the terrorist attack’ carried out by Anders Behring Breivik…

…SIAN is the Norwegian branch of ‘Stop Islamisation of Europe’, an umbrella group which entrusted its American branch, Stop Islamization of America, to writers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in January 2010.

…Since SIOE and SIOA have issued statements condemning Anders Breivik, it will be interesting to see whether they will now disown their Norwegian branch or take action against its leadership.

I blogged on what Geller refers to collectively as the “Global Freedom InitiativeTM” here; the “Stop Islamization” branding is also used in the title of her new book, which comes with endorsements from William “Jerry” Boykin and John Bolton.

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