Dialogue with Nietzsche

In 2008, distinguished Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo published Dialogue with Nietzsche, in which he

…explores the German philosopher’s most important works and discusses his views on the Ubermensch, time, history, truth, hermeneutics, ethics, and aesthetics.

Well, I can match that, with a dialogue of my own…

South Dakota Department of Public Safety Invites Speaker Who Claims Obama is a Muslim Terrorist

News of an upcoming conference: the South Dakota Department of Public Safety is to hold a Homeland Security Conference on 10-12 May:

Events throughout the world and incidents closer to home have underscored the unrelenting need to enhance preparedness, expand prevention efforts, and improve response capabilities to terrorist threats against our nation. The 2nd Annual South Dakota Homeland Security Conference will bring together nationally renowned experts on emerging threats, highlight cutting edge technological resources and speakers will share their expertise on these topics and more.

Our goal is to provide training and information to response agencies from all levels of government and private sector stakeholders in regard to Homeland Security issues affecting the United States and South Dakota. The conference provides a forum for government and industry to foster the partnerships necessary to protect South Dakota from the potential disasters we face.

Among the keynote speakers is none other than Walid Shoebat. This means that attendees will receive at least some of the following “training and information”:

(1) Barack Obama is a secret Muslim:

No one is called Hussein unless he is Muslim. So it is very clear that Barack Hussein Obama is definitely a Muslim… He is not called to be killed by the Muslims. Why do they support him? I haven’t heard a really serious testimony of his Christian conversion.

(2) Obama is working to advance the agenda of Islamic terrorism:

Islam could not defeat us by destroying the twin towers. But they are able to defeat us by sneaking in their man.

(3) This explains why Obama is pro-choice:

Of course, because there’s nothing better Islamists want to do than have Americans kill their own children, so it’s not a problem for him.

(4) It would be nice if we could kill all the Muslims with nuclear weapons:

I would wish that the whole Muslim world would listen to Mr Bakri and fight by the sword literally. This way the nukes will take care of the whole problem once and for all.

(5) Muslims are the same as Nazis because they like horses:

…the Nazis used horses, the German army. Horses were a very main element of transferring and transforming [sic] weapons, and soldiers, that all kinds of things like that. And the Muslims do have tons of horses.

(6) The Bible predicts the rise of a Muslim Anti-Christ.

Possibly his audience will be spared points 5 and 6, which are based on his religious teaching, but either way it is manifestly inappropriate that such an egregiously absurd and inflammatory ideologue should be endorsed by a government agency to address “government and industry”.

CORRECTION: This blog post originally included the quote “Kill them… including the children”, which has been attributed to Shoebat on a number of sites. However, on double-checking I now see that this quote is in fact someone else’s interpretation of what they considered to be the “theme” of Shoebat’s talk, as reported by Chip Berlet:

“Kill them… including the children.”

That’s how to solve the threat of militant Muslims?

This quote is from what one official involved in homeland security said was the theme of a speech by Walid Shoebat at an anti-terrorism training in Las Vegas in October 2010.