Geert Wilders Coming to Canada and Tennessee

Bene Diction notes Geert Wilders’ upcoming “Warning to America” tour, which will see the Dutch politician address audiences in Canada and Tennessee. Wilders will be on tour with Ezra Levant (whom I blogged here), Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, and Sam Solomon, author of The Mosque Exposed (I blogged on Solomon here – he’s based in the UK and has close links with Christian Concern); in Tennessee, Wilders will also be joined by Bill Warner of Political Islam. The tour in Canada is being organised by the International Free Press Society Canada and Canada Christian College, while the Tennessee leg is being arranged by the Tennessee Freedom Coalition.

The National Post has a quote from Canada Christian College’s head, CharlesMcVety:

“Geert Wilders has a warning for Canada, and his warning is about a lack of free speech here and the threat of demographic jihad… We’re all for freedom of religion, but when its mission is a hostile takeover, well that’s a different story. Islam is not just a religion, it’s a political and cultural system as well and we know that Christians, Jews and Hindus don’t have the same mandate for a hostile takeover. Here in Canada there is a real, clear and present danger. And we’re not even allowed to say anything about it. That’s what Geert Wilders is going to talk about.”

McVety is a powerful figure in the Canadian Christian Right, and last summer he brought Karl Rove to a conference where Rove shared top billing with Grant Jeffrey, author of Christian fundamentalist paperbacks about how these are the Last Days.

Moving on to Madison, Wilders will find himself speaking at the Cornerstone Church. Although the church isn’t the actual organiser, it’s a strange place for a supposed libertarian to be speaking, or for a supposed “Freedom Coalition” to be holding an event; its senior pastor, Maury Davis, is known for his fulminations on the subject of homosexuality and the need for authoritarian measures. Here’s an example from 2008:

…The Bible, the book on which this nation was built, says it is wrong and sinful and condemned. Our founding fathers never considered constitutional rights to include socially destructive and morally deviant behavior. Rest assured, homosexuality was considered a perversion by our founding fathers and by most generations of Americans until recent media pollution clouded the issue. 

One person recently told me that a person cannot legislate morality. I totally disagree! Our founding fathers expected not only to create a Democratic society, but a society with morals based in the Christian religion. Recently, I heard Rosie O’Donnel confront Bill O’Reilly with the will of the founding fathers. This is the same liberal who compared fundamental Christians with radical Islamists. I wonder why Amercians do not rise up and tell Rosie that her life is out of the will of the founding fathers. The disregard for their faith is an abomination.

This may cause some embarrassment to Wilders; in March 2010 Wilders pulled out of a film premiere in Los Angeles organised by the Christian Action Network, after CAN’s anti-gay views came to the attention of Dutch media.