Walid Shoebat Repudiates Mosab Hassan Yousef

A couple of times last year I blogged on Mosab Hassan Yousef, author of the book Son of Hamas. Yousef is the son of a senior Hamas figure, and he gained some media attention in 2008 after moving to America and announcing his conversion to Christianity. He subsequently revealed that he had worked with Israeli security services, and last summer he overcame a deportation threat.

Yousef has a viscerally hostile view of Islam (“Every mosque is a danger on American soil”), but he insists that he does not wish to be seen as a “spiritual trophy” by Christians, and in an interview with GQ  he explained that

Israel can be a problem, yes, I admit that, and I agree, I am against occupation. But they blame everything on occupation, Muslims look at themselves and say, ‘We are the victim. We are under occupation. Israelis have been killing us. And we kill, but not because we love to kill.’ What I’m saying is: Yes, you are right, you are wonderful people, but study your religion. Know who you’re worshipping. You’re worshipping a god who is sending you to destruction.

Yousef’s former Shin Bet handler observed that he was “no Zionist”. It seemed to me that while some may regard Mosab’s spying for Israel as a betrayal, those who support Palestinian rights (and that includes me) should recognise that the responsibility lies with Hamas, whose terrorism and religious extremism clearly alienate thoughtful Palestinians and put some, like Yousef, in impossible situations.

Yousef was originally endorsed by Walid Shoebat and his handler Keith Davies:

Walid and I believe this man is the real deal, he says the exact same things as Walid, understands the bible and also understands the real meaning of Islam.

You cannot be a fraud and speak this way. speaking the truth like this is from a man who has been redeemed.

For those nay sayers, it has been confirmed by the Israeli authorities that he worked for them so his story checks out.

However, Shoebat has now changed his mind, accusing him of being a “double agent” in a piece for Pajamas Media:

During the initial contact within Israel’s Maskubia (Jerusalem’s central prison), Mosab agreed to collaborate in exchange for Israel not targeting his father… Mosab did not convert to what the West would recognize as Christianity, but to a fiery, Palestinian brand of the faith that is vehemently anti-Israel. According to Mosab, his main goal in coming to the U.S. is to infiltrate the main source of international support for Israel: the American church.

…Mosab is now touring churches to end Israel’s lifeline. Many Jews and Christians in the West are unable to determine friend from foe in the Mideast; they are not able to read what is said in Arabic. They must seek translations, and must be aware of double agents like Mosab.

Shoebat, as has been documented, detests his Palestinian heritage, and he wishes that “nukes” would “take care” of the Muslim world; this may just be showmanship, or it may reflect a deep hatred he apparently has for his late father. His own Christianity is actually “a firey, anti-Palestinian brand of the faith” which sees the conflict purely in terms of gothically depraved Muslims who hate Jews. Shoebat has even re-written the Bible to support his beliefs: the Book of Revelation’s “666”, he explains to church groups, is actually a misreading of the Arabic script for “In the Name of Allah” (an absurd distortion I debunk here).

But Yousef is also a professional rival to Shoebat on the church pundit circuit: Shoebat bills himself as an expert on terrorism, based on the fact he once planted a bomb for the PLO in the 1970s – and even that is dubious. Yousef, in contrast, has real inside knowledge of Hamas, and he’s avoided the kind of extravagant pronouncements that make Shoebat look increasingly absurd.

Shoebat’s repudiation of Yousef is based on statements which Yousef supposedly made in Arabic media. No links are given, and Shoebat gives us short quotes only:

Israel is the problem and as an occupation it needs to end. … There are many ways to do this besides the coward explosive operations.

….This will be the first time in history that a Palestinian book will find success so that the Western reader can see for himself the reality of what goes on over there. People in the West do not know what happens over there.

…With a balanced approach I discuss the life of the Palestinian child under the Israeli occupation, of course my life suffered under all the problems of murder and the criminal operations that were carried out by the Israeli occupation against my people, my family, myself, and against humanity.

…With regret, our great leaders and mighty heroes and glorious defenders over there did not realize that instead of spending their wealth and monies on silly issues, they needed to enlist in their ranks writers and educated individuals in order to reverse the image of the Palestinian struggle.

Shoebat reads the obviously ironical reference to “mighty heroes and glorious defenders” as being actual “praise” for “Hamas leaders”. Yousef also allegedly advises Palestinians not to collaborate with Israel, even if information about terrorism is involved.

CORRECTION: In my original version of this, I inadvertently transposed Yousef’s first and last names.

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  1. Obviously, Western Christianity is the best! What do the people of Palestine have to do with authentic Christianity anyway?

  2. Can’t these people get a real job?

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  4. Regardless, the Palis are modern day nazis…especially the Hamas variety…good on Shoebat in exposing these murderers!

  5. @Richard Bartholomew: Don’t you think you should write the truth? However, Walid Shoebat just found out how Yousef feels about Israel, how is that a change of mind? When watching older interviews with Shoebat, you and everybody else can see that Walid Shoebat criticizes the Palestinian Christians for hating Israel and for perverting the biblical text. Jesus is portrait as a Palestinian rebel, you know crap like that. So please explain how did Shoebat change his mind? So, you either lying or you ignorant of the truth, either way the truth is: that Shoebat did not know that Yousef hates Zionism, or maybe even Jews in general, but now he knows and he want everybody else to know that too, since Yousef seam to neglect that fact to his western audience! Also false are your quotes about Walid wants to nuke the Arab world! I actually watched the ABN talk show and one of the Muslim guests said something to the extent, that he want to declare war against the USA and the west and THEN Walid said he wishes they would actually do declare open war on the west and then the nuke could take care of the problem once and for all! Now, I hope everybody notice the fact that YOU need to rip stuff out of context in order to make a point and that again should open up ppl’s eyes about your real intent, which is to mislead ppl, so, shame on you!!!

    • First off: using block capitals and multiple exclamation marks makes you look like a crank. Second: Yousef’s opposition to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank was noted in English-language media, in particular his GQ interview. The evidence, though, is against the idea that he “hates Jews in general”, or even “Israelis in general”. Third: I linked to the full Shoebat quote: “I would wish that the whole Muslim world would listen to Mr Bakri and fight by the sword literally. This way the nukes will take care of the whole problem once and for all.” If you don’t think that’s a lunatic statement, that’s a matter for you.

  6. One more thing Richard; you did NOT! debunk the 666 theory from Shoebat. !st of all, again you forgot to mention that Walid Shoebat himself said that this is NOT conclusive, so he does NOT make it into a fact! Why do you mislead ppl, what do you get out of it, is it money, or just plain evil? However the old greek script does look a lot like the arabic “Bismillah” thats a fact you cant get around! Everybody can google it! However, after catching you again and again misquoting ppl, or ripping stuff out of context, I would not even trust you enough to buy laof of bread from you!

    • In the clip I embedded, he certainly does present his crackpot theory as “fact”, and he specifically lies that he consulted the Codex Sinaiticus and the Codex Vaticanus. I realise you’ve probably invested a lot of emotion in following Shoebat’s teaching – a religion of hate against Muslims in which you fantasise about Muslims all being “nuked” probably compensates for some personal frustrations. But if you want to be a proper adult you ought to be aiming for something better.

      • This is so annoying. Don’t you understand that while it’s true that prophecy can have a single literal meaning, most often it has *patterns* depicted. Saying that Hitler was “the anti-Christ” implying the final literal depiction is not the same thing as saying he was an anti-Christ. We seem to understand that in most cases. The same is true for ALL prophecy. There is NOTHING that EVER taught or implied that any given prophecy is going to only happen in one literal fulfillment.

        So therefore until someone states clearly that his or her depiction is the definitive prophetic fulfillment, you are being deceptive and or petty in attacking Walid or anyone for articulating these patterns consistent with the many other prophetic patterns. Israel was dispersed and regathered many times. Most seem to feel that this modern fulfillment was the last time, will never be dispersed again. I’m sure they thought the same thing more than once. But other than that, I can’t think of any prophecy that is even considered to be absolutely solidified to the extent that saying it is fulfilled would be to deny other ADDITIONAL possibilities.

        These are significant and clear patterns, and while I think that what Walid discusses about Islam is slightly or even largely exaggerated, when one considers what I explained above, we don’t need to call Walid a crackpot unless we find it convenient. Apparently you did. I’d say your credibility is certainly no higher than Walid’s, so it serves your interests to promote a little bit of honest scrutiny rather than self-serving observations.

        And Guess what else? All Christians are crackpots. It comes with the territory. Given just how horrific Islam really is, given that Mohammed clearly was an anti-Christ, you have that established already. I do NOT think that Walid’s interpretation is definitive to the extent that it, as I am trying to clearly illustrate, excludes any other events.

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  8. The son of Hamas and exposure the real Islam from the very interesting perspective:


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  10. Walid from what he’s said, he never killed anybody with the bomb, so it wouldn’t have been news, but there was an explosion, and anyhow he’s uncovered a report of the explosion from around that time.

    If you look at the correspondence of Walid and Mossab Hassan, you see Walid knows what he’s talking about, and spent time in the same Prison. Walid knows it as well as anybody , you see that if you read the correspondence.

    Mossab has been exposed now, thanks to Walid, who has brought the information to light You can watch links,

    and both have published the correspondence.. at walid’s suggestion, so you can examine the evidence

  11. Through their correspondence, Walid come across as an intolerant, condescending, self-righteous bigot with an overinflated ego. He has totally missed the true spirit of Christianity. He seems to think that Mosab should speak and believe only in the things he approves. Instead of embracing Mosab, he’s looking for things to discredit him. It’s attitudes of this kind that prevent people from cooperating for a common cause and miss the forest for the trees.

    • Anna, you are right, I think. When you hear Walid Shoebat’s lectures, he stirs up the hatred against moslims. Mosab says that the moslim people are sometimes more ethical then their god. Mosab is against the ideology of Islam and not against moslim people.

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