Meet Arrylad

Meet “Arrylad”… because nothing says “patriotism” like using the St George’s Flag for a tablecloth and plonking a can of cheap lager on it, right?

“Arrylad” is apparently a spokesman for the Welsh and English Defence Leagues. He has an entertaining YouTube channel here – although he may sound like some new comic character created by Ricky Gervais, he is in fact for real. A taster:

UPDATE: Alas, Arrylad has now deleted his channel; apparently he was annoyed thaat “commies had embedded” his messages. However, one message has resurfaced on the Hooligancentral channel, with the name “Arrylad” replaced with “Lee B’stard of the WDL”. In this rousing pep-talk, our man gives the Americans a stern talking-to about the need to “get off their arses”. He also explains that Nostradamus had prophesied that Britain would beat back the “Islamic hordes”.

UPDATE 2: Alas, that video has now gone, too. This one remains, though:

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  1. […] state of the nation by Rumbold on 15th May, 2010 at 8:36 pm     Richard Bartholomew has uncovered a gem of a YouTube channel, which is the domain of ‘Arrylad’, a spokesman for the […]

  2. Thank you for this Richard. Truly wonderful.

  3. Actually, not many people know this, but Arrylad has got a younger brother, Timmylad:

  4. […] Some of you may be aware of the hilariously shite WDL/EDL Youtuber Arrylad, thanks to a blog by Richard Bartholomew, and also Rumbold at Pickled Politics. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of […]

  5. Meet “Arrylad”… because nothing says “patriotism” like using the St George’s Flag for a tablecloth and plonking a can of cheap lager on it, right?

    Very funny comment, but as Arrylad seems to be from South Wales, a St George’s flag would mean nothing to a Welshman who sees himself as “British”, rather than “English”.

    You are showing an “England-centric” bias here, Richard. Mind you – he did mention EDL a few times. Perhaps “WDL” did not trip off the tongue so easily from inside a home-made niqab.

  6. ARRYLAD talks the truth about what matters to the average man/woman on the street, its his message thats important not what snobs think about things whilst living in their own little piece of old england untouched by the islamic plague of hatred, lies & self pity , maybe he should of put his beer in a glass just to gain approval of the stuck up ignorant toffs.

  7. ARRYLAD speaks my language!
    he says EXACTLY what a lot of us think.
    keep the vids coming ARRYLAD.
    fuck the morons of the far left.

  8. The EDL and Islam4UK (Anjem Choudary) need each other.

    They are both sectarian – appealing to a sense of grievance amongst ‘Muslims’ and ‘poor whites’. The inflammatory rhetoric of one excites the followers of the other group.

  9. @ Julaybib

    Timmylad ,’kin lulz!

    Nice one.

  10. Further clarification that EDL is anti-Islam, rather than its pathetic pretence at being anti-extremism, thanks to the comment from sweeneybros. The only plague of hatred, sweeneybros, is the one you and your ilk spread against Muslims. Just keep talking, chum. Make a video. Start a blog. The more we hear, the clearer your bigotry is sure to become.

  11. Update: EDL YouTubers moan when I delete their racist comments (I leave general abuse on), yet Timmylad link posted on EDL Arrylad’s channel has been deleted.

    • Well why moan? Wha is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, I suppose. You censor their comments – exercising your right to do so – and they censor your. What is the problem?

  12. One of the best channels on YouTube. Nice work.

  13. Update: Arrylad has changed his name and appears to be moving all his stuff to his other channel:

    The video satirised by Timmylad has been removed.

  14. “He also explains that Nostradamus had prophesied that Britain would beat back the “Islamic hordes”


  15. […] BBC Documentary on Welsh Defence League Posted on December 8, 2010 by Richard Bartholomew BBC Wales’ Week in Week Out strand carried a documentary on Monday on the Welsh Defence League, the sister organisation of the English Defence League. There were few surprises for those who have been following developments: the programme explained that the WDL’s founder, Jeff Marsh, has a background in violent football hooliganism (see my blog entries here and here), and a voice recognition expert was consulted to confirm that Marsh is the same person as the aliases “Arrylad”, “Joe Cardiff”, and “Mike Smith”. We were also treated to extracts from his balaclava-clad Arrylad discourses. […]

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