Meet Arrylad

Meet “Arrylad”… because nothing says “patriotism” like using the St George’s Flag for a tablecloth and plonking a can of cheap lager on it, right?

“Arrylad” is apparently a spokesman for the Welsh and English Defence Leagues. He has an entertaining YouTube channel here – although he may sound like some new comic character created by Ricky Gervais, he is in fact for real. A taster:

UPDATE: Alas, Arrylad has now deleted his channel; apparently he was annoyed thaat “commies had embedded” his messages. However, one message has resurfaced on the Hooligancentral channel, with the name “Arrylad” replaced with “Lee B’stard of the WDL”. In this rousing pep-talk, our man gives the Americans a stern talking-to about the need to “get off their arses”. He also explains that Nostradamus had prophesied that Britain would beat back the “Islamic hordes”.

UPDATE 2: Alas, that video has now gone, too. This one remains, though: