Ugandan Minister Asks United Religions Initiative to Help Him “Wipe Out Witchcraft and Homosexuality”

It’s been a busy few days for Uganda’s “Minister for Ethics and Integrity” James Buturo, as he promotes the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill. A couple of days ago he was at TheCall Uganda (background here); he spoke following an address by Lou Engle – although Michael Wilkerson at Religion Dispatches reports that Engle had conveniently left by car at this point, thus dodging a controversial association. Warren Throckmorton has the audio and a transcript here.

And last week he was treating the Great Lakes United Religions Initiative to his monomania; the Daily Monitor reports:

He appealed to religious leaders regardless of the difference in faith to spearhead the campaigns to wipeout witchcraft and homosexuality in the country.

The Board Chairman of the United Religions Initiative, Bishop Baker Ocholla [sic- should be “Bishop Baker Ochola”] attributed the vices to religious divisions.

This is somewhat incongruous. The United Religions Initiative is an international interfaith organisation, founded in 2000 by William Swing, at that time Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California; its perspective is mainline, and Swing is known for taking a liberal line on homosexuality; this 2005 report quotes another cleric as saying thay “he has ordained more gay and lesbian clergy during his 27 years of episcopacy than probably any other bishop in history”. Christian fundamentalists are particularly hostile to the URI, warning of “New Age globalists” and such.

I’ve blogged on Buturo previously. His other ministerial efforts include banning The Vagina Monologues (“the idea was to promote lesbianism and glorify the vagina – even elevating it to god-like status”), calling for mini-skirts to be banned on the grounds of “road safety”, a drive against the sex industry based on “shaming” prostitutes.

(Hat tip: Bulldada Newsblog)

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  1. What is the world coming to – Biblical truth is dying away leaving people tp believe in anything as Chesterton said.
    Hurry back Jesus.

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