Brave Sir Lionheart Stays in Malta

Paul Ray has posted a rambling “message to Anjem Choudary” on his YouTube channel, sitting at a table behind what appears to be an open Bible and a propped-up photo of his recent meeting with Johnny Adair fan Nick Greger at St Paul’s Grotto in Malta.

Ray warns Choudary that his plans to establish an Islamic state in the UK will be defeated by the English Defence League, but he goes on to explain that he himself will not be attending any EDL protests as the police are after him for “religious hatred” and the government’s control of the system cannot be beaten. Somewhat strangely, he then goes on to call for the release of Charles Bronson, a long-term prisoner who has become famous in the UK for his history of violence while behind bars.

Of course, it’s worth recalling that Ray does not enjoy good relations with a number of EDL leaders, and that may also have influenced his decision to remain in Malta…

Several groups are planning counter-protests against Choudary in London today, as I noted on Monday.

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  1. “brave Sir Lionheart” – lol ! brilliant Richard. Thank you for first chuckle of the day !

  2. Didn’t Bronson marry a muslim and convert to Islam while in prison?

  3. Looks like Paul Ray is morphing into another Choudary! like the back drop with the flag!

    Choudary was never going to march! They did their usual job of stirring up trouble whipping up the media into frenzy and quick as a flash have disappeared again! An organisation with no following can’t have a march I can’t believe people have been duped by these morons!

    They are an insignificant non-representative organisation with no following, grounding or qualification in Islamic Jurisprudence or theology they are not allied to or affiliated to any mosque or main stream Muslim organisation. It’s crazy that such an irrelevant group is given so much media attention. I’m sure they will pull another stunt like this again soon maybe on Christmas perhaps a march to ban Christmas!

  4. Whatever one feels about Choudry and his henchmen. The fact is the numbers out today to counter protest would have stoped his march.
    While a small group of MfE and the UBA did attend the counter protest. we did have groups around Piccadilly, Hyde Park , Parliment and all other main locations around London. We gained massive support and media coverage also forged links with other groups there today so our thanks to Mr Choudry for that. What ever we organise or say we will counter protest then thats where we will be.

  5. So Ray fears arrest does he?

    He doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about comprimising anyone elses risk of being arrested or beaten, when he’s inciting them to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder with their brethren on the street’ .

    The joker is a self publicising, egomaniac and his increasingly desperate attempts to make a name for himself are pathetic.

  6. Awight Dave, didn’t realise you were there too yesterday. Good day out wasnt it! We went all round Hyde Park and such and didn’t see no Taliban lol!

    @”Richard Bartholomew”: hey how you doing? I’m in the band The Fighting Cocks and I’m interested in that little logo you’ve made top left. Has it banned us from the web? If not, would you like a hyperlink to put in to link to our iTunes or summink?


  7. The feds are after him? Why tell the world you’re in Malta?

  8. I’m in the band The Fighting Cocks

    So am I! We are all fighting cocks!

  9. “The feds are after him? Why tell the world you’re in Malta?”

    This obviously isnt the cleverest person in the world……… but I would hazard a guess that the police being after him, is a lame publicity seeking excuse, for bottling it !

    He certainly does seem to relish playing on ‘the fugitive’ status.

  10. […] was the original mover in creating the EDL, although he quickly fell out with the other leaders and moved to Malta. Aside from a rumour that he was involved with the anti-mosque protest in Dudley, he has not […]

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