English Defence League Gets Medieval

UPDATE: I’ve been told Paul Ray and Chris Renton have not in fact made up. There is apparently some kind of schism, which led to Ray’s “English Defence League St George Division.

I really don’t understand why people think the English Defence League (EDL) are up for a fight. A new video by Paul Ray (apparently having healed his rift with Chris Renton) advertises a protest for Manchester; here’s a screenshot:

EDL Crusaders

Also, Ray’s blog has a poem, “written from a Templar heart 2009”, but for some reason backdated on his blog to 2000. Brace yourself:

The crusaders were once strong,now all but gone
…But im still here sword out of sheath

…I seek to destroy,those who destroyed first
As i pledged my evil curse

…Upon your sons vengeance will be done

They say violence aint the way
But its the way that I pray

…My thirst [f]or blood grows stronger
The pain cant take no longer
For foreign blood I hunger

…Islamification of this nation
Is evil,must repent

…Taste the blood,its on the chase

The reference to “Islamification” would appear to exclude the possibility that this is some kind of poetic interpretation of a Muslim extremist’s mind.

The curious thing, though, is that Ray himself never seems to show up at these “anti-extremist” protests.

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  1. probably too busy at home ‘polishing his sword’

  2. Funny you’re not equally *sarcastic* when radical Muslims invoke the crusades. Why not show images of crusaders? It’s a bit like shoving a cross in the face of vampires.

    And in case you didn’t know, (and I’m quite sure you don’t), the crusades were wars of defense orginally concieved to protect Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land who were constantly being attacked, kidnapped robbed and killed.

    But only by radical Muslims, of sourse!

    • Wouldnt expect anything else from someone brainwashed by Spencer and his Politicall Incorrect Guide to the Crusades. Ofcourse, him being a Catholic could have nothing to do with him supporting the Crusades….

      Christian pilgrims were protected when the Muslims were in power. So were the Jews. Everytime the Christians in Europe kicked out the Jews, the Muslims welcomed them back in. Because the Jews were supported and protected they were able to set up brilliant trading routes.

      But Spencer’s forefathers ofcourse were shocked! How could Jesus/Mary/God/whoever bless thess dark skinned kafirs with Jerusalem and all of their riches throughout their empires! So, they got together, killed loads of Jews and Muslims, bathed Jerusalem in blood, levied taxes on Jews and Muslims for being, well, Jews and Muslims, when they didnt just outright torture them and kill them, raped whomever they wanted etc etc. It is because of those actions that the Arabs do not trust US when it comes to Jerusalem and Israel and they invoke the Crusades. Ofcourse, it doesnt help European and now US Christian forces keep invading THEIR countries, keep killing THEM, keep bombing THEIR homes, keep stealing THEIR museums and libraries, then when they fight back labels THEM the terrorists. Or maybe it was the “Saladin, we have returned!” comment that was shouted by the French when they colonized the Arabs. Or maybe it was the “Jesus killed Muhammed” tactic ( http : // http://www.reasonproject. org/newsfeed/item/jesus_killed_mohammed/ ) employed in the recent Iraq war.

      Ofcourse, people like Bin Laden like to invoke the Crusades as well. Are you saying this guy is just like Bin Laden? In that he never shows up himself but pushes his followers on? Hmm, interesting thought.

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  5. “UPDATE: I’ve been told Paul Ray and Christ Renton have not in fact made up”

    this IS, of course, a typo, Richard? He’s not actually called Christ now?



  6. hey no problemo sweetie, it was kind of funny in a Paging Dr Freud kind of way!

    H a-A


  7. Richard:

    My heart goes out to you having to trawl through all this rubbish. It greats helps the rest of us. Thanks.

  8. Or even *greatly*


    Have you ever read a history book? The Middle east was once the cradle and the centre of Christendom. When the ottomans desecrated the chruch of the holy sepulcre and forbid Christians to perform their pilgrimage, the crusades were organised and Jerusalem retaken. The crusades were MOST CERTAINLY defensive wars. That view has only changed in the past 30 years as untold sums of Saudi petro-dollars have flooded Mid-East research institues. Have you never heard of Antioch or the Basilica of St John the Baptist in Damascus! The Muslim murdered, robbed, kidnapped and enslaved Christian pilgrims on a regular basis. It’s all there on the historical record for anyone with the guts and courage to look at it! They also engaged in slave raids all the way to England right into the 17th century.

    They’ve also flown airplanes into tall skyscrapers….

    • A mad Caliph named Hakim attacked the Holy Sepulchre in 1009, but that was long before the the Ottomans came on the scene. Christian pilgrims and bribes from competing Christian denominations at the Sepulchre were actually sources of revenue for the Ottomans, although the latter became more trouble than it was worth and the “Status Quo” was put in place.

      Certainly, the first Crusades were meant to be defensive, but the Byzantine emperor wasn’t expecting his western allies to take over once the Arabs had been kicked out. Funny how all that stuff from Constantinople ended up in Venice.

      Also, I don’t think Sir Steven Runciman was in receipt of many “Saudi petro-dollars”.

  10. @June: eh?

    All dates from (rusty) memory, but the First Crusade was between 1096-1099. The founder of the Ottoman dynasty was born in 1258. At which point did they master time travel, and why aren’t they at it now?

  11. Why Manchester?????????????????

    EDL claim that they are against extremists Muslims only i.e. Anjum Choudry Al Muhajerun and the 8 or so looneys who protested in Luton. The fact is these people and this tiny group who number less than 50 nationally are so hated by the UK Muslim community that they have been banned from every mosque and have been chased and beaten up literally since the 1990’s especially in the North and they will never get support from UK Muslims (that’s why you never see them up North but that’s another whole topic altogether). It’s a shame that this has not been publicised and very few people except Muslims are aware of this. People really need to know that the UK Muslim community have been fighting this tiny vociferous Minority for the last 15 years! Out of over a thousand mosques in the country they were only able to preach at one i.e. Finsbury Park Mosque and that was only after they physically beat up the trustees and took it over. Thankfully the mosque is now back with the trustees after successful legal action. That’s why they are always on the streets or talking to the media who lap it all up, Anjum Choudry is not even a trained qualified Islamic Scholar in fact he did law at uni before he became a looney.

    Many Muslims believe they are MI5 agents used as a honey trap or agent provocateurs. Ask yourselves this, why is Anjum Choudry never arrested??? Why do high profile MPs call for action against them and then nothing happens and you never hear about it ever again? Why do they only pop up at the most opportune moments cause extreme offence and then disappear again? Why are they on first name terms with the media/journalists? Why are they portrayed as if they have support from and speak for the UK Muslim community? This whole outfit stinks!

    Therefore the EDL have no reason to march but they use Anjum Choudry and his band of loons as an excuse for race hatred and to attack Muslims just listen to their chants and posts on the net which consists of P*** and N***** in reference to the huge numbers of Black Caribbean youths who joined the anti-Nazi protest in Birmingham and Harrow. The EDL are nothing more than street fighters for fascist political forces i.e. Black shirts or the brown-shirted Stormtroopers. For all those who support the EDL/BNP I just say be careful what you wish for!

  12. And in case you didn’t know, (and I’m quite sure you don’t), the crusades were wars of defense orginally concieved to protect Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land who were constantly being attacked, kidnapped robbed and killed.

    If this was learned in an American school, were doomed, but it’s probably out of a John Hagee bible class.

    The Crusades were initally started by the Vatican to loot, pillage and plunder the ME.
    The Popes even signed off on this brazen theft by selling the Crusaders the idea they’d go to heaven if they died fighting for the Pope.

    And they were allowed to keep a share of the loot. Also, there were some rather large armies in Europe who didn’t have anyone to fight and that made the Popes nervous, so they dispatched them to the Promised Land.

    Killing for Christ seems an oxymoron, but maybe I read and understand the Beatitudes incorrectly.

    As for Ray’s poetry, he’d probably make some good dough writing lyrics for heavy-metal bands.

    • It wasnt learned in an American school. Apparently June is Hugh from Jihad Watch, that website run by, amongst others, Robert Spencer, who wrote “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Crusades” (IIRC that was the title). So its understandable why June is posting bile on here: he/she has been brainwashed for some time by the KK… I mean, Jihad Watch.

  13. The crusaders are taken from the box of a set of 1:72 scale plastic model soldiers, produced by Italeri:


    Item 6019, Teutonic Knights, 17 unpainted figures with horses.

  14. The Ottomans appeared on the scene in the 11th century. They conquered huge swaths of Byzantine territory between 1050 and 1090 (including Antioch), and were then pushed back in the 12th century with all of the conquered territory retaken by 1180. And a note about the taking of Constantinople by the Crusaders, and one which is of paramount importance in dispelling the myth of an islamic ‘Golden Age’, By the early 13 century Islam’s foolish diktats and endless arcane rules had so crippled trade, comerce and intellectual progress and had so impoverished the Mid-East that there was very little material/financial incentive to reconqer it. In addition, every time the crusaders did capture territory in The Levant, those territories would be flooded by Muslims seeking refuge from the dictatorial whims and oppressive taxation of the local Emirs and Pahsas.

    By the 13th century Islam took what had for millenia been the most advanced, enlightened and propserous reigions of the globe–Egypt, North africa and The Fertile Crescent–and had transformed them into irrelevant, poverty-stricken backwaters.

  15. We have started an American chapter called the ADL. We are in constant contact with the leaders of the EDL and support them 100%

    we will standby our brothers is this battle to preserve our cultures and countries !!

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