“Anti-Extremist” Protest in Birmingham

Chants included “Muslims out”

Paul Ray’s Lionheart blog carries footage of another self-described “anti-Islamic extremist” demo, this time in Birmingham city centre. As with the previous outings of this sort (most recently blogged by me here), the protestors mainly sang football chants and patriotic songs; their presence appears to have attracted quite a crowd.

The footage was posted to Youtube by a cetain “railwayendblue”; while he is supportive of the protest and complains bitterly about “Marxists”, he also adds that:

Some of the chanting was bad. And i can’t defend them.. Plus there were many Blacks that i saw that were singing “Muslims Out” as well. Probably 2nd-3rd Generation.

The chant “Muslims out” appears for a moment in this piece of footage (at  9:10), but it does not appear to have been a major theme.  He also tells us that:

 EDL and WDL are not parties, just organisations with supporters on all sides.. Blacks, whites, Hindus all joined in with the sing songs.

This is the “English Defence League” and the “Welsh Defence League”, who accompanied Ray on his trip into “occupied” (his term) east London; “March for England”, which I blogged here and which held a protest in Luton in May, seems to have disappeared off the radar [UPDATE: Actually, a comment below from MfE’s Dave Smeeton explains that they were involved in another event in London, with the United British Alliance).

The protest doubtless capitalised on the recent visit of Anjem Choudary’s “Islamic Road Show” to the city; Choudary is one of the UK’s most notorious Islamist fanatics, and as was widely reported, he managed to get a bewildered-looking 11-year old white boy to recite a conversion to Islam (railwayendblue mentions this incident). Meanwhile, the chairman of Birmingham City Mosque, Mohammed Naseem, refuses to believe that the 7/7 bombers were Muslim extremists – as was noted in a BBC documentary a few days ago; he is now facing calls for his resignation.

Further protests made up from football supporters’ “firms” are planned; a message on the EDL Facebook page from Wayne King tells us that:

…we are hearing another march for brum is being planned for 8th august. we will defo be there and bring all our placards and banners. we will push the march against sharia law as a focus. we have already got a 25 seater coming from luton and many other london firms are on it, qpr and arsenal for defo. so everyone who turned ouy yesterday make the effort again for 8th august, details will follow, if we make enough noise as we have in luton the authorities will be worried about backlashes from our communties when making local decisions,god bless

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  1. I think you should do your homework. We have not vanished. MfE and the U.B.A where the ones confronting Choudry and Co in East London Sat evening. This led to the MfE and U.B.A lads being attacked leaving the 10 or so with cuts and bruises and one in Hospital. No i was not there.
    We also held a mamorial service in Tavistock Sq today Sun. To remember those of all races and religions who where blown to bits on 7/7th. As the Daily Star will tell you we behaved with total respect laying our floral tributes and wreaths and holding a minutes silence. Please do not think we have gone away,you only have to see on our web site that we have not.

  2. What a bunch of idiots. Funny how a march against extremists always turns out to be a march with chants against Muslims. The only thing bullshit tactics like this accomplish is alienating the Muslim community, and do no damage whatsoever to the extremists, who can be found on both sides. Stuff like this can rightly be called Anti-Islamic demo by Extremists.

    And whats with nutcase idiocy regarding the implementation of Sharia law? What kind of uneducated moron whould believe that English law can be uprooted just like that and replaced with a different system? How incredibly stupid do you need to be brainwashed into this kind of thinking? The Sharia courts are legal under English law, yes, thats right, legal under the law thats been here for ages. Its nothing new. Why wont you ever see these idiots presenting arguments against the Jewish courts, which dont even allow a woman to inherit anything? By demonstrating against these legal Sharia courts, these “patriots” are demonstrating against English law itself, since without that Act these courts wouldnt even be here.

    You dont want Sharia law here? Get rid of the voting system. You dont want Sharia law here? Get rid of national health care and the welfare system. You dont want Sharia law here? Get rid of the education system. All these things and more are part of Sharia law, law thats been part of this country for ages. As a law student and someone with knowledge of Islamic law, I was absolutely amazed at the numerous similarities between the 2 laws. From family to criminal and property law, the similarities were astounding. So, in a sense, Islamic law has been part of English for a long time, without any input from Muslims.

    Nonetheless, demonstrations like these are organised by people with deep insecurities resulting from ignorance about the law of their own country, so they take that out on anything they perceive to be different, even if they know nothing about what’s actually being said. Let me put it this way: when was the last time hooligans walked down streets and called for a certain religious group to get out?

    • Typical appeaser of the crocodile…

      • You’re typical mentalist, get back to the foul hole you crawled from.

      • If thats the only reply you can come up with why waste your time and post it? Are you that deficient?

      • “Don’t be misled or misguided, the peace Islam offers is not the peace of sitting around the camp fire singing [songs]. Islam’s peace is the implementation of Sharia Law and the global submission to Islamic ideology” (JD)

      • @ Kafir

        Oh deary me! I imagine all those poor brits living and working in places like the UAE or currently soaking up the sun in Egypt and Tunisia are at this very moment being terrorized and forced to convert to Islam by the sword!

        You are a total retard!

      • Are you an arab lowlife? All slime coming out of your pen.

      • The thruth hurts, I know. When somebody takes your mask down, the ugly face of appeasement and dhimmitude shows, and that hurts. What the Brits in muslim countries concerns: all these failed states are controlled by police, secret service and the military, the Brits you mention are needed over there, so the dogs won’t bite the hands that feed them. What about Jemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Gaza, Iraq etcetera etcetera. All peace and love, right? The problem is islam. And islam is the problem.

      • Islam is none of my concern, Mr Kafir. Potential right-wing extremism and terrorism is. That’s the next biggest problem the UK faces. For the BNP to single out muslims as being terrorists is really taking the biscuit considering the past terrorist activities of BNP supporters. The government has the resources to tackle Al-Qaeda, but, unfortunately, little resources has been given to tackle right-wing extremism, and this has allowed right-wing extremists the time to plan. As far as I am concerned, BNP and Al-Qaeda are as bad as each other.

      • Well well, there’s something we can agree upon: I despise nazi’s as hard as you do. Here in Belgium we have a stronger right-wing adherence than in Great Brittain, but they don’t worry me much because they are already over the top in our country and will allways remain a minority. Same thing will happen in the UK. But we have to be careful who we call a right-winger. Geert Wilders for example is NOT a right-winger, at the contrary. But islamists and their appeasers tend to use this as a tactic: call the opponents of islamic expansionism simply nazi’s and racists, and soon no one will dare to oppose the Da’wa. Finally, I hope that you are right, I sure do, but I’m afraid that we are in a losing street…

      • DEvil!

    • Well if English law and sharia law are virtually the same, then why have sharia law courts?

      • I didnt say they are virtually the same, I said there are astounding similarities at the core of these 2 systems. The courts are not really courts per se, they have been around for centuries and Muslims go there when they have issues that they want advice on. If these “patriots” want to change the Law, they should march against the Act in question, not against courts which are perfectly legal.

    • @Kafir

      Your ilk obviously spend all day trolling internet sites posting the same bilge in the hope that others will believe it, and when someone disagrees with you, they are labeled a marxist, zionist , islamist (or arab!). Well, for your info, I am not any of those! Now goodbye and stop demonizing others for your abject state, you tosser!

  3. It’s all very embarassing.

    • Yes, it is embarrassing! These idiots must have been so proud of their behaviour, they wanted to share it with the rest of the world! Gone is the image of the English gentleman which people of other countries once imagined us to be. Now the rest of Europe sees us as drunken, violent yobs! Think I am going to have to learn to speak English with an American or Australian accent before I travel again.

  4. Hindu’s and Black joined in?

    It’s only a matter of time before the white facsists turn on the black and hindus (once they have finished with the Muslims in Britain).

  5. Osman Ghazi: yes, much like the nazis threw their Jewish collaborators into the gas chambers along with everyone else.

    Then again, there are a lot of Hindu fanatics who hate Muslims for their own (backhomian) reasons.

  6. As stated before we at March for England are not anti Muslim. The people who joined us on the 5/7th clearly show that!!!!
    If as you say you looked over our site did you not notice the recent events?

    • I didn’t see anything about either 4 or 5 July, no – nothing in the list of categories.

    • Interesting….

      English Defence League is BNP front group:

      Paul Ray admits to BNP links:

      • Anything else on Mr Ray? If so post it up or email me.
        Think you should dig a bit further .

    • March for England? That makes sense! Islam is not a place or a country, it is a belief who’s roots stem from the same place as Judaism and Christianity, what is going on here? do people not see that we are only harming ourselves with all this hate we are propagating? It is bad enough that everyday we are losing more and more of our civil rights, without trying to interfere with the basic human right to be able to believe in whatever we choose to believe in. Islam is peaceful religion but is often quoted out of context to make it appear evil… Extremism on both sides is dangerous, and is mostly a ploy to get people to behave in exactly this manor, Osama bin laden aka Tim Osman CIA! does this not ring any alarm bells?? it is all a well orchestrated plot to destroy Religion and all these ignorant fools are playing right into the hands of these oppressors. People these days don’t question or investigate what is going on around them, the digest the crap they are being fed like good little sheeple and act accordingly.
      In Relation to Sharia law.. what IS the problem? Sharia law if for the Muslim community and has no bearing upon British people. If a community wishes to have a law system that is consistent with their beliefs, why should people outside of the criteria be concerned by it?

      As long as people keep preaching hate there will never be peace in the world. keep it up. I bet the Devil is overjoyed!!

      • You are a muslim, but you don’t seem to know much about islam, do you? Calling islam a peaceful religion is pure takiyya (deception) or ignorance. It’s your pick. My guess is that it’s the latter. Start reading the “Verses of the Sword” dear Takbir (is this a allusion to takiyya?), these verses abrogate the so called peaceful verses that you seem to mention. You will learn that islam stands for: expansion through intimidation, deception or violence. Once islam rules, there is nobody to make legitimate war with, and then comes the peace you mention. At the expense of numerous body bags.

      • In the Qur’an it says:
        …Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, But do not transgress limits
        For God loveth not transgressors [or aggressors]
        (Sura 2, 190)


        The Qur’an clearly states that fighting, while permitted, is never encouraged. The permission to fight at 2: 190 is restricted to self-defense (against those who fight you) while at 2: 193 it is permitted in order to combat injustice and oppression but must cease when these have been defeated.
        It is more like your organization and the Devil worshiping rulers of this world that stand for expansion through intimidation, deception or violence. Legitimate war my backside. All these recent wars have been orchestrated by the US and Co For one aim .. the NWO oh and let us not forget the oil!
        open your eyes ignoramus! and while you’re at it close your mouth… I’m getting bored of the stench that’s emanating from it

      • Debating an arab is like talking to a dead camel.

      • Your comment reflects your mentality. Firstly, I am not an Arab.. not that it matters! secondly it’s your breath that smells like dead camel with all the rot that comes out of it..

        Al-Baqara [2:7]
        Allah hath set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing And on their eyes is a veil; great is the penalty. great is the penalty they (incur).

        Allahu akbar!

        Subhana Kalla Humma Wa Bee Hamdeeka Wata Baara Kasmooka Wa Ta’ala Jaddoo Ka Wa La ilaha Ghairuka

        O’Allah! All glory is due to You, I praise You, Your name is the Most Blessed, Your Majesty is highly exalted and there is none worthy of worship You.

      • Religion of peace and harmony, right?

  7. You looking on Facebook?
    It will be on our main site http://www.marchforengland.co.uk.
    Photos of the 5th will be uploaded soon. There is a short video doing the rounds of Choudry lot attacking the pub the MfE and U.B.A lads where in.

  8. My comments here deleted?

  9. I can confirm nowt deleted as have a record of all comments posted on this thread.

  10. BTW, I don’t want to be anti-anything.
    I’d rather be pro-something else.

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  12. Photos of Tavistock are now on our main web site. As you will see one of our Iranian friends joined us on the day.

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  14. “I didnt say they are virtually the same, I said there are astounding similarities”

    Erm….Am I the only one who saw the major flaw in that line? “virtually the same” and “astounding similarities” are pretty much as close as you can get!!!

    If these courts are similar then why do muslims feel the need to go to sharia courts instead on UK courts? Nothing to do with the fact they are happy to be a community within a community?? Multicultrism at it’s very worse!

  15. The Birmingham ‘Anti-Islamism’ March:

    This is my take on the march in Birmingham. Recently I joined to Facebook group, ‘British Citizens against Muslim Extremists’, who help organise and publicise these ‘Anti-Islam’ marches. I was a member for about a week. Then I decided to voice some opinions on it. I was banned almost immediately. Why? Because I said outrageous things such as ‘not all students are left wing’ and ‘perhaps we should not be an exclusively right-wing group’.

    Anyway. Even from the beginning I knew that 50% of the members and posters were indeed racist. Also, I would say that 90% of the members and posters are football-hooligan types. I’ve nothing against football hooligans, but can we really fight Islamism with a couple of thousand bother-boys? I don’t think so.

    • I agree. The resistance against islamo-fascism must NOT be hijacked by neo-nazi’s or else the battle is lost before it is fought. This is a problem in Belgium too.

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  20. here are a few facts about islam, mohammed was born in 570 ad in mecca, greek historians record this differently ? when arab nomads tried to form islam the jews and christians would not accept it as an official religion, because they dident have a profit, hey presto a few years later mohammed appears, the only people to recognise him a profit was his wife and cousin, then in 622 ad he was supposedly taken physicaly into heaven by gabriel, called the ascention, all scholars agree it was nothing more than a dream or vision, while in heaven he met certain profits, i.e jesus, john the baptist ? jews ! so they have their profit, and what was the first thing they done when islam was established ???? they went to WAR, on all surrounding countries to build an empire, to claim land, and of all the places in the arab world for mohammeds ascention to heaven happen ? jerusalam ! the holy land, smack bang in the middle of christianity and judeaism, mmmmmm, what better way to establish a credible religion than in the heart of religion itself, “quick” build dome of the rock, claim land in jerusalem as well !! if these events happend any where else islam would not be credible, muslims will not agree with these facts, but who can blame them, their aim has always been world domination. oh and the greatest miracle of mohammed ? he split the moon ????

  21. and by the way, for any muslims who think im racist, your wrong ! iam against muslim extremists, ultra orthadox jews, (they are the most racist people on the planet) and born again christians who preach doom for the world and your only salvation is if they baptise you !

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