More on Lionheart in London

Paul Ray has posted further details about the recent “anti-extremist” protest in Whitechapel, which saw a handful of skin-heads and football supporters swaggering along a main road in East London while singing about “Eng-er-lund”. Why were there so few of them?

…sadly, there were deserters amongst the ranks, who chose to entertain themselves in Covent Garden rather than sticking in the ranks with their brothers, and entering enemy territory with the rest of us, as part of the group who had travelled in to protest against Islamic extremists for the sake of their country.

Ray has stern words for these fainthearts:

Desertion is one of the very worst forms of betrayal in the armed forces, with a prison sentence for those who choose to take that path and if we look back to the First World War, deserters were shot for their betrayal against their countrymen.

Ray has a bit of a fetish about imagining those who’ve let him down being shot; when Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs warned “anti-Jihadists” against him last year, he famously opined that LGF was “nothing less than the equivalent of a Second World War Nazi collaborator who would have been shot because of his treason”. Other critics are always “traitors”, with all that implies.

Ray has posted several videos which chronicle the brave Crusaders as they undertake their beery expedition into darkest East London. Once at Whitechapel, Ray makes a point of filming two Asian women (at 0:38) walking nearby as evidence of “Londonistan” – both are wearing Asian dress, although neither has a headscarf. The sight is apparently enough to elicit a strange grunt from someone in the crowd, though.

But Ray also suggests that all is perhaps not as it seems:

The initial London protest was organised by the illusive internet figure ‘Dave Shaw’, who, it is believed, is either an undcover reporter like Donal Macintyre, or an undercover police officer charged with infiltrating the British people’s protests against Islamic extremists. Either way, he blatantly acted like an ‘agent provocateur‘ which raised the suspicions of many people…Somehow the Met police had prior warning of our initial meeting place, and turned up to question us about the events of the day.

Apparently Shaw had promised thousands of protestors, but neither he nor they turned up.

Ray’s also preparing another protest, for this weekend in Birmingham – he has a promotional video, made up mostly of screenshots from stories about Islamic extremists. At least one shot (at 2:45) is from the BNP website (Ray, who rails against “Paki Muslims“, has offered qualified support for the party), and there are several from the Daily Mail – despite the fact that just a few weeks ago the paper carried an article about violence in Luton that angered him, and which so upset his long-time associate Glen Jenvey that Jenvey has announced his intention to convert to Islam.

We’re also told that the police investigation into Ray for allegedly “stirring up racial hatred” has been dropped. This had been dragging on for 18 months, and was the original reason that catapulted Ray to brief fame in the USA. The legal details remain slightly obscure; he had claimed that the investigation had been dropped a couple of months ago, but it seems that wasn’t quite the end of it. Further details about why the police may have been interested in him can be seen here (I was against a prosecution, by the way).

UPDATE: One of the “deserters” leaves an anonymous comment on Ray’s blog:

People were uncomfortable from the start when it was clear the march had in fact been organised by either an undercover reporter or policeman, given that most of us there were football lads this automatically makes us suspicious. Secondly as soon as the police turned up at that meet within 10 minutes of someone speaking to ‘Dave Shaw’ it’s clear we knew we’d be surrounded by them all day.

Having dealt with the Met on hundreds of occassions with football it was obvious that anyone who decided to go to Whitechapel would be held for hours and pictured heavily, maybe for the likes of yourself that may just be an inconvienience but for others like me we prefer to keep a very low profile.

You call us ‘deserters’ I’d call us ‘clued-up’ having been in this situations at football countless amounts of times.

I won’t be bothering to attend another demo to be honest as it’s clear somebody amongst the group is feeding info to the police and I suggest you worry about that in future rather than insulting lads who did turn up and just found the whole situation suspect.


Lionheart I dont communicate with anyone who was there on facebook, nor do I particually want my picture on file with the police or the press who can both use it to make us out to look like a group of racist thugs which obviously would go down well with our employers, the truth doesnt matter to either of these groups.

I’m well aware of how intelligence is gathered and it’s for this reason I have no great desire to stand around pointlessly being photographed for hours on end. Most of the football lads were there that day in the hope of having a row if they’re honest, away from the police and getting out of there straight after. It’s all well and good standing there posturing behind police lines but that doesnt do anything for me and never will.

Maybe my agenda didnt fit in to what the day was about but given that the numbers were made up of 90% hooligans I assumed the day was more than just a ‘show of force’.

I’m not quite sure what you’re hoping to acheive by alienating the people who didnt want to spend the whole day in a police escort but it just means numbers will dwindle if more people read your blog and see what you’ve written.

Ray responds in the same thread:

…If you do not want your picture on file then you should never decide to attend these events. It is quite obvious that the police would be present taking photographs, i would have thought someone as ‘clued up’ as you would have known this.

The racist thugs is old news, because that fallacy has been smashed over the Luton protest thanks to Craig who was present throughout the London protest from start to finish with his comrades, and there were other black people present in London.

…If you look at the photographs on this blog, you will see that it was not 90% hooligans, it was 100% English/British patriots.

Your even now trying to damage our credibility over your cowardice!

It seems like you only wanted to attend on the day to cause violence, well if you had of stuck around, then you might have been with Marshy and the young lad who got jumped in Whitechapel, to help them out…