Shrimp Cracker

As other blogs have noted, conservative British religious blog Cranmer has decided to publicise the latest conspiracy theory from barrister Michael Shrimpton:

Once again the media have missed the point. Swine Flu, like Avian Flu a variant of Spanish Flu, is artificially-developed, ie a bio-weapon. To the author’s knowledge the British and American governments are aware of this, further to tests at Porton Down and CDC in Atlanta, Georgia…

Germany is an intelligence state, not unlike the USSR, whose intelligence services she set up and controlled for most of the Soviet period (Beria, eg reported to Admiral Canaris). The official organs of the German State, including the BND and BfV intelligence agencies, are essentially a front, real control being exerted from Dachau by the Deutcshe Verteidigungs Dienst, by assassination if necessary (they made effective use of Bader-Meinhof and have always loved using Marxists and other assorted nutters). The DVD exerts significant influence in other countries, usually through fronts like the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and the Skull and Bones society at Yale (they also recruit at Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge)…

This is vintage Shrimpton; elsewhere, he boasts of how he “expose[d] propaganda operations such as the faked ‘hood’ Abu Ghraib photo”, which was supposedly created by the Syrian secret service, and he claims that French intelligence killed David Kelly. There is also a “Shrimpton Report”, attributed to him but neither confirmed nor denied, which alleges that Madelaine McCann, the British child who went missing in Portugal, was the victim of an international conspiracy. It’s helpfully (and appropriately) reposted on this David Icke forum. His conspiracies also stretch back into the past:

Marx was an agent of the Prussian Secret Service, and Marxism was simply a fake political strategy designed to disrupt British industry, which was successfully adapted as part of Germany’s covert strategy to undermine the Russian Empire, which also involved assassinating Tsar Alexadner, and getting a female German asset to marry Nicholas.

Shrimpton has featured on this blog in the past; in 2008 I noted that he had been a guest speaker at a joint “London Swinton Circle” and “Springbok Club” event. Alan Harvey wrote that:

In his most revealing and powerful address Mr. Shrimpton told something about the international forces which lay behind the abandonment of the British Empire post-World War II, which culminated in the betrayal of Rhodesia, and also gave an in-depth account of some of the little-reported facts about those involved in the recent US Presidential Election.

Harvey’s enemies on the right noticed this event, as I blogged here (scroll down to “Part Four”).

(Hat tip: Harry’s Place)