London Lite on Archbishop and Shariah

A hilariously garbled report from London Lite, a free “newspaper” in London:

Shariah archbishop

The claim that “Sharia judgements are given legal status only if they are backed in law courts and by the Archbishop of Canterbury” will unite British Anglicans and British Muslims in perplexity.

The actual story is that Civitas claims there are a number of unofficial shariah courts in operation in the UK. Further, it was reported last September that several courts have sought to have their decisions recognised by county courts,  using the 1996 Arbitration Act, which allows for various kinds of private arrangements. And some months before that, Rowan Williams opined that some recognised shariah courts might be “inevitable”.

This is all mashed together to give the absurd rendering above.

4 Responses

  1. Handy newspapers, the Lite and others being handed out, if only for the sports sections at the end :D

  2. Gosh, I bet Rowan wished he has such authoritative status with judgements from Anglican synods and meetings! :)

  3. At least 85 is divisible by 17. Give the writer credit for his maths if not for his brain. “85 Islamic Courts in Britain” sells papers. No. Wait a minute. This is a free paper, what’s the angle? A journalist wanting to be offered a job by The Sun? Could be!

  4. Bart, I think you should check the original research for this article in the newspaper by the think tank Civitas. It argues that Muslim courts are urging Muslims to fight and kill. The evidence? No evidence from these courts, but some quotes from online websites…. It turns out they couldnt find any such things being said in the Sharia courts so they went online looking for quotes. Theres also an article on the BBC website. Funny… Sad…

    Oh, and another concern raised by Civitas? Sharia courts dont deal wityh non-Muslims…. Sometimes I think these people really are idiots…

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