“Anti-Extremist” Football Marchers in East London

Anti-Muslim blogger Paul Ray (“Lionheart”) has posted a video of another “anti-extremist march”, this time apparently in Whitechapel, East London. Apparently opposing Islamic extremism means swaggering along a main road belting out football chants, including the inevitable “Eng-er-lund”. The video is difficult to interpret; at certain points the crowd (which includes at least one black member) makes particularly agresssive sounds, but it is not clear exactly why. A few of the participants cover their faces. The whole thing seems to have been at a much smaller scale than the rally in Luton in May, which ended in violence.

From Ray’s tags, it seems this event was down to the “Welsh Defence League” and the “English Defence League”.

Incidentally, Ray has not so far made any comment over the fact that Glen Jenvey, a man whom he has promoted and defended on his blog on a number of occasions, has recently announced his conversion to Islam and willingness to take advice from some notorious extremists.

UPDATE: Ray adds in a comment on his own blog:

We live in a new age, with God doing a new thing on the Earth with His people who are willing to defend Christendom from the hordes of savages in the embodiment of ‘religious moslems’, who have emerged on our land from their Islamic hell holes.

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  1. Oh dear, a terrible collection of humans there…

  2. Just a small point. Why do we have “Anti-Extremist” with inverted commas and Anti-Moslim without?

    • It’s the war on redundancy.
      Only allowed one set per post.

    • “Anti-extremist” is a self-description by the marchers which I’m neither endorsing nor rejecting. However, “anti-Muslim” is my view of Paul Ray.

      • The implication I got from the inverted commas was that “Anti-extremist” was not fact and that Anti-Muslim was. No doubt if this person was commenting on you he would have “Anti-Fascist” (which I’m sure you are) and Anti-Christian (which I know you’re not). Even-handedness must not only be done but must be seen to be done and I do, now and again, feel that your slant is Political rather than Religious. Fascists in this Country get far more publicity than they deserve, I know they rub a lot of people up the wrong way but THEY’RE NOT WORTH IT! A very tiny minority support them and a fair minority voted BNP in the Euro Elections (although I feel this was a vote more against Eastern European immigrants than anti-Muslim). I’m not worried about the (possibly) 1% who support the Fascists (it would need a Miracle of Biblical proportions to give them the conditions that Germany had between the World Wars), I’m more worried about the 95% of British Muslims who are against the Taliban suicide bombings in Pakistan (recent BBC Poll, have I missed your blog on this?). Well,actually more about the 5% who, presumably, support the bombings! By the way, let no-one call me Anti-Muslim – 95% of them are welcome in my home anytime!

  3. One blogger friend is from Limerick Ireland, and had a post about ‘football thugs’ going into immigrant neighborhoods and beating them. ‘Plonkers’, I think he called them.
    I’m not good with the slang, yet.
    My comment was that in the USA, plonkers wouldn’t stand a chance.

  4. “The video is difficult to interpret; at certain points the crowd (which includes at least one black member) makes particularly agresssive sounds, but it is not clear exactly why.”

    If you send the video to Dr. Jane Goodall or to Sir David Attenborough, maybe they can assist?

  5. Hearts in the right place, but dear oh dear, a tad misguided, what the hell was the point of that shambles of a march/protest/demo?

    Notice they didn’t have the bottle to shout out any contentious slogans, this is the cream of Britain’s Youth? Not at all.

    It’s all very well being anti something, but what exactly are they FOR, and simply stating ‘British way of life’ doesn’t explain anything.

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