Obsession DVD Pundit Glen Jenvey: Conversion to Islam Announced, Thanks Given to Extremist

Following on from yesterday’s blog entry, Dave Bones of Malung TV News has had further correspondence with Glen Jenvey, who for several years has been cited in the media as an expert on Islamic terrorism and as an “anti-Jihad” activist. Jenvey has apparently announced his conversion (or “reversion”, to use insider terminology) to Islam through the guidance of a notorious extremist:

im fine looking forward to tell the world they should imbrace islam as well.i will be putting the wrongs of my past right and helping all muslim prisoners as a muslim.

may allah guide me and thank omar bakri for his bring me into the fold of islam.

glen aka omar hamza jenvey

This is written in Jenvey’s trademark dyslexic style; the story has also been confirmed by Bones through a contact at Salafimedia.com, and Jenvey has just deleted his “alimasharli” YouTube channel, which carried videos attacking Islamic extremists. Just a couple of weeks ago Jenvey posted a phone interview he had made with Omar Bakri, in which he had posed as a journalist in order to elicit some (predictable) inflammatory quotes.

Jenvey used to run a fake extremist website as an undercover operation, and some are speculating this new development is of the same sort. However, it should also be noted that the media declined to pick up his Omar Bakri interview, and he was recently angered by an unflattering passing reference in the Daily Mail. He has also acted erratically since the Sun withdrew an article sourced from him in January.

Of course, there’s also a chance that Jenvey’s email and YouTube site have been hacked by a talented impersonator, but the previous statements I blogged yesterday have been around for a few days now unchallenged.

UPDATE: A new statement has appeared:

Let it be known MI5 and the Daily Mail newspaper are full time over paid trash!…The Daily Mail were un-ware in their badly researched story I was under cover collecting information for a British MP and Newspaper for them to pass on to the police to stop public disorder offences from Feb 2009.

…Omar Bakri has invited me to Islam and i will be converting in early July I will not be working for any intelligence service from this date against Muslims or any other group.

over the years i have found the police racist and MI5 full of interbread public school boy’s i declare complete contempt for the Daily Mail’s LIES and after the PCC result if not fair will be taking them to court…over the years i have worked along side several intelligence services and will be sharing this secret info with my friends and Muslim Brother.

There’s also a link to an audio of “advice by my Brother in Islam Sheikh Omar Bakri”, in which Omar Bakri discusses Jenvey’s wish to convert.

Also, Dave Bones adds:

I have seen emails from Aranis solicitors asking why Mr Jenvey is withdrawing his evidence and enquiring about his change of heart.

Muddassar Arani is Abu Hamza’s solicitor.