Yet Another Glen Jenvey Post: Who is Nashraf Abu?

Following on from my previous post, I’ve now received details about Zaidi234’s registration on the MPAC forum in 2007:

user: zaidi234


Registration IP Address:

This is interesting for a number of reasons:

1. “” resolves to the Yorkshire Dales, just north of Skipton. Curiously, so does “”, the IP which was used to spread bogus messages purportedly from the Daily Mail accusing Tim Ireland of being a paedophile, and which, according to the moderators of the Ummah website, was also used by abuislam/Richard Tims.

2. A poster named “Nashraf” made a one-off posting to another Muslim forum, again in 2007, to publicise Zaidi234’s posting about Jeremy Reynalds – see here.

3. A poster named “Nash1965” made a couple of dozen postings to Pravda‘s forums on Muslim extremists in 2007 and 2008. This included some strands promoting Jeremy Reynalds’ book and the work of Glen Jenvey. One thread is headlined “Pravda User’s in New Book” (sic for apostrophe – a Jenvey trademark), and he explains that (sic for spelling)


They were both Pravda message board users who met on Pravda and pulled off a sting on Abu Hamza.

Another thread is entitled “Muslims Up in Arms!“, and it links to Zaidi234 on MPAC – in other words, Nash1965 is using a posting made by Zaidi234 as evidence of Muslim extremism. That’s a strangely familiar story. And by the way, Jenvey apparently is 43 years old, so was probably born in 1965.

4. In November 2007, “Nashraf Abu” left a post at Ummah linking to, and telling us that

They have stolen al-qaeda’s name they think it’s so cool.why can’t they think of their own name.

And who are “they”? Well, the link redirects to the blog of Paul Ray, aka “Lionheart”, a long-time associate of Jenvey who rails against “Paki Muslims” and who in the past has expressed support for the BNP.

What a remarkable set of coincidences.

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  1. Not unless he’s got multiple DSL lines but isn’t multihoming, which is the main reason to have lines from two providers. is assigned to Opal Telecom Ltd. and is used in their customer dynamic IP pool for TalkTalk. The block is assigned to AOL, and more specifically to AOL Europe.

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