Glen Jenvey Saga: Who is Zaidi234?

Soon after Tim Ireland first noted the evidence which suggested that “freelance anti-terrorist investigator” Glen Jenvey had made bogus postings to a Muslim website with the intention of stirring up a panic over an extremist plot against British Jews, several bloggers rooted around the internet looking for extra information about Jenvey and his associates. I had a bit of a head-start, having written about Jenvey and the “VIGIL Network” back in 2006, but some other interesting sites also came to light. One of these was an an old thread on the Muslim Public Affairs Committee’s (MPACUK) discussion forum in which a certain “Zaidi234” – who made only a few posts between April and July 2007 before disappearing – claims to have been passed private emails from Dominic Whiteman in which Whiteman suggests encouraging Muslim extremists to use elderly women as suicide bombers, as this will create a more generalised fear of Muslims. “Zaidi234” also claims to know some personal information about Whiteman. As I blogged a couple of weeks ago, Whiteman is a former associate of Jenvey, and he recently issued a statement at his Westminster Journal in which he seemed keen to put a bit of distance between himself and his one-time collaborator.

However, there’s a very weird twist in the tale: the alleged private emails are all written in good English (although the British Whiteman asks for a “favor” rather than a “favour”), but I’ve just noticed that “zaidi234” himself writes like this:

A friend in Jordan past on his concern’s about Dominic Whiteman who real name is in fact spelt friend sent me copy’s of email’s and serveral county court case number with people who are concerned about this whiteman.
In the email’s he sent me it show’s the police were informed that vigil was making up lie’s about muslim’s, but the lie’s would of led to targetting of OAP’s in the muslim community.
I was then sent the above story, my friend in Jordan wrote but no British newspapers would print it as the government or the tory’s control them all.
so if anyone can pass on the story in exposing vigil and Dominic Whiteman it will help stop attack’s on the muslim community.

This bears all the hallmarks of Jenvey’s dyslexic punctuation – redundant apostrophes, missing capital letters, and missing gaps before the beginning of sentences. I collected some other examples in a blog entry here; and emails sent directly from Jenvey to Tim Ireland confirm that this is indeed his style.

In another thread “Zaidi234” warns readers that

Several non Muslim forums are advertising a Book called War Of The Web see…70&mode=direct

The book tells a story about how for twenty years MI5 knew British muslims were going abroad killing civillians in many countrys like Chechnys Kashmir Isreal Yemen and so on…..

It also claims British muslims killed Serb civillians in their hundreds during the Bosnian war,
It goes on to disclose the inside story about A