Patrick Mercer MP Makes Statement on Glen Jenvey

Tim Ireland has received an “interim statement” from Patrick Mercer, MP and former Shadow Minister for Homeland Security:

“I disassociate myself from anything that Glen Jenvey may have claimed about Mr Tim Ireland and will be looking carefully into my other dealings with Mr Jenvey.”

This comes in the wake of Tim’s communication with Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, about whom Jenvey boasted on tape of using as an intermediary:

Meanwhile, after weeks of radio silence, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles has finally been in touch. We’re still discussing what will or won’t be said on the record, but he’s not standing shoulder to shoulder with Jenvey by any means.

Jenvey’s former associate Dominic Whiteman, meanwhile, has been very keen to stress that he has had nothing to do with Jenvey for some time.

But what about Jenvey’s other friends and associates?

No word yet from journalist Jeremy Reynalds, who wrote a bizarre smear attack against the Guardian newspaper at Jenvey’s behest. Reynalds also sent an email to Tim from Jenvey in which Jenvey denied he had ever used the false name “Richard Tims” – audio evidence has proven this to be lie, so Reynalds must be feeling a bit of fool. Plus I’ve found further evidence suggestive that Jenvey used bogus postings in 2007 to try to whip up Muslim anger against Reynalds’ book War of the Web; there is no suggestion that Reynalds had anything to do with this, but it’s rather embarrassing.

No word yet from Paul Ray ( blogger “Lionheart”), who has continually asserted that any concerns about Jenvey can be dismissed as the machinations of Muslims.

No word yet from the Sun newspaper, which is currently facing legal action over a front-page splash derived from Jenvey’s tainted research.

The evidence that Jenvey concocted stories about Muslim extremists by making bogus postings to Muslim forums has been pieced together from diverse sources, some of which are both obscure and several years old, and it is simply not credible to see some Muslim masterplan behind it all. Plus, from the “Richard Tims” lie and from Jenvey’s threat of violence against Tim, we’re now able to see directly what kind of a person he is.