Patrick Mercer MP Makes Statement on Glen Jenvey

Tim Ireland has received an “interim statement” from Patrick Mercer, MP and former Shadow Minister for Homeland Security:

“I disassociate myself from anything that Glen Jenvey may have claimed about Mr Tim Ireland and will be looking carefully into my other dealings with Mr Jenvey.”

This comes in the wake of Tim’s communication with Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, about whom Jenvey boasted on tape of using as an intermediary:

Meanwhile, after weeks of radio silence, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles has finally been in touch. We’re still discussing what will or won’t be said on the record, but he’s not standing shoulder to shoulder with Jenvey by any means.

Jenvey’s former associate Dominic Whiteman, meanwhile, has been very keen to stress that he has had nothing to do with Jenvey for some time.

But what about Jenvey’s other friends and associates?

No word yet from journalist Jeremy Reynalds, who wrote a bizarre smear attack against the Guardian newspaper at Jenvey’s behest. Reynalds also sent an email to Tim from Jenvey in which Jenvey denied he had ever used the false name “Richard Tims” – audio evidence has proven this to be lie, so Reynalds must be feeling a bit of fool. Plus I’ve found further evidence suggestive that Jenvey used bogus postings in 2007 to try to whip up Muslim anger against Reynalds’ book War of the Web; there is no suggestion that Reynalds had anything to do with this, but it’s rather embarrassing.

No word yet from Paul Ray ( blogger “Lionheart”), who has continually asserted that any concerns about Jenvey can be dismissed as the machinations of Muslims.

No word yet from the Sun newspaper, which is currently facing legal action over a front-page splash derived from Jenvey’s tainted research.

The evidence that Jenvey concocted stories about Muslim extremists by making bogus postings to Muslim forums has been pieced together from diverse sources, some of which are both obscure and several years old, and it is simply not credible to see some Muslim masterplan behind it all. Plus, from the “Richard Tims” lie and from Jenvey’s threat of violence against Tim, we’re now able to see directly what kind of a person he is.

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  1. Thanks Richard for another good summary!

  2. And thanks from me.

    I emailed Jeremy Reynalds last night. No feedback as yet, but he has promised to look into it.

  3. I find it curious that Patrick Mercer’s name crops up in yet more muslim stories that have been published in the press during the last couple of days.

    Something tells me that Mr Mercer’s statement may be nothing more than typical political spin!

  4. Patrick Mercer speaks, and in return, gets a death threat on MPACUK-

    read the 11th comment. Whoops, looks like Asghar Bukhari and co. are in the shit again :/

  5. […] brother too, and c) the sort of shameful arse who throws around accusations of paedophilia. Richard Bartholomew has been doing good work on this […]

  6. @Jinn Princess

    How thick are you? Anyone can make a comment ont he MPAC website, it doesnt mean it was MPAC. Go back to school, you filthy Islamophobe

  7. Care to say that to me in person Fred? My mother always taught me to never say anything online you weren’t prepared to say face to face. Up for it? BTW, I am a Muslim. Wa’salaam.
    PS the person making those comments, “Commando”, is a Muslim.

  8. If ‘Commando’ is a Muslim (no proof of this has been offered) then he or she is quite possibly the dumbest Muslim alive.

    But more likely than not, the recent comments on MPACUK made under the name ‘Commando’ are trolls designed to implicate (at the very least) the site’s hosts and/or guests.

    Either way, in the current climate, if taken seriously, they threaten to reflect poorly on all Muslims, especially if they are taken up by, say, a tabloid with an agenda.

    Jinn Princess (who, like all ‘Cheerleaders’, is banned from my site) should take a look at their own comment and see if they can’t detect a passage that might be interpreted by some as a threat of physical violence.

  9. It’s certainly curious that “Commando” returned to the same thread just a few hours after being deleted, despite having been absent for a few days and despite having shown no more than a general interest in the story.

  10. Hey, it’s Tim Ireland, hero of the Ummah! The gang’s all here LOL! Anyway- if I were a gambler, I’d put money on Commando being a Muslim going from the wording of his posts- just a stupid one who shoots his mouth off. And I’d also put money on “Fred” being Asghar Bukhari. Alwight Asghar? ;)

    Mr. Ireland- that was an invitation to Fred to come out from behind his keyboard.We hate cowards who insult us. It bears no relation to what Commando wrote, which was the first time we’ve ever seen a death threat to a serving MP on an Islamist site.

  11. “which was the first time we’ve ever seen a death threat to a serving MP on an Islamist site”

    And that doesn’t strike you as being in any way odd?

  12. “I’d put money on Commando being a Muslim going from the wording of his posts- just a stupid one who shoots his mouth off…”

    You can tell someone’s religion from their writing? Good God…

  13. Sure Jinn Princess is a Muslim Just like Santa Clause is the Easter bunny

  14. lol, come on my darlings, you have my IP, i’m sure you can track me down…send letters to my house, get me killed…of whatever sick xenophobic fantasies you may have.

    You know what, I think us Brits have had enough of you Zionists. Why don’t you all piss of and leave this country alone.

  15. Salaam Aleikum;
    yep that’s Asghar alright! Tell you what, I live three streets down from him, I’ll drop by. I think I’ve still got his Mum’s copy of Bunty Aur Babli.

    Bensix: go to MPACUK and read Commando’s posts. He is a Muslim, British national of Pakistani origin, possibly early twenties, posts from a home PC possibly in Surrey.

    Tim: not odd, just unusual in being so specific. Normally it’s wall to wall Jihad.

  16. Other postings suggest he’s a Muslim. But why did he just happen to return to the thread a few hours after he was deleted?

  17. Jinn Princess: Even if I take your word for that, this comment was still out of character as far as you’re concerned. So why not question it?

    (looks at rest of comment)

    Oh, I see. You’d rather place your trust in your psychic abilities, and you’re sure that only one person can post using the name ‘Commando’.

  18. Oh, hello Richard. Almost tripped over you there.

  19. Fred aint asghar – asghar never uses discussion forums anyway.
    Regardless jinn princess what exactly do you hope to achieve by boasting about how you know where people live and what they do, unless you are some stalker or a psycho then yes people should be worried,
    just remember if anything did happen to such people i.e. petrol bombed or windows smashed you know dam well that you would be the first on the suspect list,
    however this is just normal for you going around and intimidate people since you know their personal addresses – seems you are just too wimpy to actually go out and do anything what exactly you are going to achieve by knowing peoples personal addresses? Nothing!
    You are just all talk as far as i’m just going around flapping around trying to impress people with you nonsense, bit like Jenvey huh? well at least you are not as stupid as Jenvey so that is a start

  20. riiiiiiight…
    OK- 1. Message to Yup; we do this kind of thing on the streets regularly, and we don’t need to petrol bomb.
    And Fred is Asghar.
    2. @Tim Ireland; it’s not Jinn Princess’s psychic abilities. Commando’s comments are definitely not out of character. Do what you do best and go back and read them all.
    3. @ Richard Bartholomew; he returned to his posts because he’s like that. C’mon guys, what’s more realistic, some vast put-up job with multiple people posting, or, perish the thought, we’ve found an extremist on MPACUK! (the voice of moderate UK Muslim Opinion. dot com)

  21. DOGPILE!!!!!!!!!!

    yuk yuk yuk

  22. “Commando’s comments are definitely not out of character. Do what you do best and go back and read them all.”

    I’ve got a better idea; why doesn’t the person making this out to be a regular problem on MPACUK for any other reason than an open comments system make or back the case they brought to the table?

    If you find out (a) it’s a genuine Muslim with a radical worldview, and (b) anything more than an angry and impotent mouthing-off, then please do get back to me.

    Until then, I don’t see the need to take the waste time on people who are dishonest enough to present unsual events as typical.

  23. But of course. Silly me. MPACUK is the voice of moderate Islam, after all.
    by the way, speaking on behalf of all UK Muslims, we can sleep soundly in our beds knowing that Tim Ireland is tirelessly working hand-in-hand behind the scenes with and the Bukhari brothers to keep us safe from nasty men like Glen Jenvey :)


  24. So you can’t prove that it’s a genuine Muslim with a radical worldview, and/or anything more than an angry and impotent mouthing-off?

  25. yerrrp, we can. Wait out. And there’s more to come, on more forums, as you are about ta see.,,

  26. Yarah is just a big headed show off all talk. They probably plant those comments themselves just like jenvey another fantasist!

  27. and yes, commando proved himself to be an islamic extremist and he’s back on MPACUK. What did you call yarah??
    tell you what tim, pretend it’s not an islamic extremist. there’s no such thing, it’s not happening it’s not happening!

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