Kaschke Libel Case Update

Back in December I blogged on political activist Johanna Kaschke’s libel threat against Alex Hilton, John Gray, and Dave Osler. Back in Janaury Osler reported that we could look forward to a four-day trial later this year, and that

Many of the ‘words complained of’ – to use the legal expression – were not even written by me, but consists of comments from the comments box. While I am confident that all of them fall within the realm of fair comment, the outcome of the case could have considerable implications for the freedom of the blogosphere.

However, it seems that Kaschke has run into some difficulties: unfortunately, she has forbidden anyone to quote her blog without permission, but , to summarize, she has made the unwelcome discovery that Legal Aid is not available for libel action, and she is asking for support – apparently, emails to lawyers have proven fruitless. She also implies that the judge is biased in favour of the defendents, and that if she does not win her case it will mean that men will be able use the threat of an internet smear campaign to make demands of women (although she stresses this is not a factor in her own case). It’s all in her “libel diary“.

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  1. I’ve left a comment on her post regarding legal costs and allegation of bias.

    I’ll let you know if it is published.

  2. […] Dismissed as Abuse of Process after Three Years « Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion on Kaschke Libel Case UpdateLibel Case against Blogger Dismissed as Abuse of Process after Three Years « […]

  3. […] Kaschke’s blog cannot be quoted directly, as she asserts her right to sue anyone who uses her words in ways she finds objectionable. However, she claims that she is the victim in all this, and that, as a German immigrant, she has suffered racism and sexism. She also believes that it is unfair that Osler managed to get pro bono advice when she did not. She further tells us that she wore a Great Ormond Street Hospital t-shirt to High Court, and she asks for other people to do the same at her next hearing, on 25 May. Make of that what you will, but don’t speculate publicly or you might get sued. I blogged on some of her previous complaints here. […]

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