T.D. Jakes: Chicken Soup for the Soul

From the T.D. Jakes Devotional and Journal (Day 233):

Isn’t a hero someone who puts himself at risk to help someone else?…I wonder if some of the men and women whom we say “failed” actually tarnished their records by having the courage to climb high enough to take the risks that others would not be willing to take…in order to help others.

From the Lusaka Times:

RENOWNED American televangelist TD Jakes who was expected in Zambia and was scheduled to officiate at the Africa Global Summit has postponed his coming for fear of a mysterious disease that was reported last week to have killed some people.

Efforts by summit organizers to reassure Bishop Jakes and his team through the ministry of Health, Foreign Affairs and American embassy in Zambia that there was no such a disease in the country proved futile.

Apparently a Zambian woman died last month of a rat fever, and she passed the disease on to medical staff in South Africa. According to an earlier report, Jakes had planned “to meet the presidential hopefuls in an effort to maintain the prevailing peace ahead of this month’s presidential election.” He had been invited by Nevers Mumba, an evangelist and former Vice President of the country.

Many commentators to the Times website are rather scathing:

Am shocked that he has refused to come. When God sent Jonah to go preach, Jonah hid and ended up being swallowed by the fish and then he finally went…

“You will walk on snakes and the poison will do you no harm……”.A man of God lives by the words of scripture but what TD Jakes has done just confirms that he reads more of news papers than the word.You shall know them by their fruits…

 you can imagine the so called imitators or followers of Christ scampering away on the suggestion of a “mysterious” disease. These are faith healers by the way. This is the breed of people in the likes of Nevers Mumba. You shall know them by the fruit of their works. Watch your money when you are buying these tickets for TD Jakes & his circus clowns.

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