Third Jihad Cover Tweaked Again

…at least as it appears on the Clarion Fund website. Here’s the new one, on the left, compared to a previous version, to the right:

A couple of weeks ago I raised the suggestion of a physical resemblance between the man on the right and someone else (my point being, although I didn’t spell it out, that the picture had perhaps been chosen because of a resemblance to Obama).

I didn’t get much feedback beyond a commentator venturing the opinion that “you are a moron”.

It should be noted (a) that the Clarion Fund website carried material explictly endorsing McCain until it came to general notice; (b) that the Clarion Fund’sObsession DVD giveaway apparently targeted swing states; and (c) that at least one of the “experts” featured in the Obsession film – namely Walid Shoebat – has been known to promote the conspiracy theory that Obama is “really” a Muslim.

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  1. Disgusting…

    The Republican party, of which i ‘had’ been a member of for 30 years, until last month, has set this Nation back 40-45 years or longer by the fear mongering they have perpetuated and encouraged in their followers during this campaign.

    This is a case in point.

  2. The backers also hired a pretty rabid anti-Obama activist to promote Obsession.

    As an amusing sidenote, EMET – which was involved in the promotion of the film – has decided that Walid Shoebat is a “moderate Muslim“. I don’t think that they’ve quite thought that one through.


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  4. I don’t see any resemblance at all. I think you’d be better off hunting the Loch Ness or something.


  5. So why was the cover changed?

    By the way, “Huh?”, I see you’re from South Africa (and that you’re the same person who commented on my previous post soon after it appeared). You wouldn’t be connected to Wayne Kopping, by any chance?

  6. I saw the resemblance as I was scrolling down the page, before I even read the text. What jumped out at me was a picture of Obama with the word Jihad. Still, if your post had called attention to the very same thing, I probably would have dismissed it as a coincidence.

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