God Speaks to Chuck Pierce

“We are heading into two of the most rearranging, realigning months that we have ever known in the history of this generation”

A bulk email arrives from Stephen Strang, editor of the neo-Pentecostal Charisma magazine:

I am personally inviting you to be a part of our first-ever teleconference onThursday, March 20th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. My special guest will be Chuck Pierce, President of Glory of Zion International Ministries. He has been used by God to intercede and mobilize prayer throughout the world.

Our focus during the conference call will be “Prayer and Intercession in Our Political Times.” I believe this conference call is pivotal and strategic to the current events happening in our nation. Chuck has recently stated “there will have to be a 21-day ‘push’ in the Spirit culminating on April 20 for … the atmosphere in our nation to shift so voters are not deceived by all the political rhetoric from the candidates and the media.”

Strang explains the importance of prayer:

I believe prayer and spiritual warfare brought about shifts in prior political campaigns—such as the narrow win in Florida for George W. Bush during the recount in 2000. Prayer was also responsible for the installation of certain Supreme Court justices when their appointments appeared to be politically unlikely.

There follows a letter from Pierce (a prominent neo-Pentecostal leader), who explains how God sent him a message during a nighttime trip to the toilet:

We are heading into two of the most rearranging, realigning months that we have ever known in the history of this generation. What occurs during these days will set a course for our lives and this nation. The Lord woke me at 1 o’clock on Tuesday morning. As I walked into the bathroom I noticed a calligraphy verse: Lean not on your own understanding. This verse lit up even though the light was not on in the bathroom. The verse became red and yellow like fire. When I went back in at 5 AM, I noticed that the verse was actually in navy blue!

During this second nocturnal visit, God revealed a 1,500 essay to Pierce, which he was able to write down verbatim afterwards. However, it seems that God was in a rather vague and rambling mood. Here’s a taster:

Abrasive circumstances will increase over these next 40 days. Lean not on your own understanding. I will show you things that you do not know during this time. I will cause you to see the pattern that I am forming. Do not fall into an understanding of the past, even the past 40 years, for in the next 40 days I am producing a new time of understanding in My people. For My wisdom is not your wisdom. I am creating a fear and an awe of Me! I will show you how evil is working. I will let you hear the voice of evil – that voice that has been distracting, confronting, and taunting you. My cause will rise up in you…Don’t miss your window of opportunity or fail to recognize the catalyst I am creating for rearranged momentum. Receive an anointing to leap over the mountain that has been deceiving and intimidating you…

Etc, etc. The full text is available here.

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