BBC Drama: Green Wades In

From the Daily Mail:

The BBC is facing accusations of rewriting the Easter story by claiming Christ was nailed to the cross in a foetal position.

Actually, “the BBC” is claiming no such thing; however, a particular drama – The Passion – co-commissioned by the broadcaster (along with HBO) does apparently feature the crucifixion in such a position, as is historically possible. The drama also seeks intelligently to re-explore the motivations of Judas, Pilate, and Caiaphas. Cue – inevitably – Stephen Green of Christian Voice:

Yet again a revisionist slant has to be put on a story that is transparent.

“It’s fine to have an alternative look at the motivation of people such as Caiaphas, Pilate and Judas, but the fact remains that these guys were instrumental in an innocent man meeting his death.”

So, it’s “fine to have an alternative look”, but Green has a Pavlovian need to complain anyway! Still, anything to keep the profile up.

For sensible commentary on the programme, the links and analysis on Mark Goodacre’s blog are probably the best starting place.

Meanwhile, Green will perhaps have something meatier to get his teeth into after Friday, when with perhaps unfortunate timing the soap opera Eastenders will feature an especially daft foray into Gothic horror. A character named Max is buried alive by his wife and her lover: does he die, or will his burial place be found empty in the next episode, to be broadcast on Easter Monday?

(For all your Stephen Green needs, check out MediaWatchWatch)

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