Prophecy “Expert” on Blair

With Tony Blair slated to move to Jerusalem to take up a new peace envoy job, there has been much discussion about whether he enjoys sufficient credibility among Muslims to play a useful role. However, there is also another religious group eyeing developments suspiciously: apocalyptic Christian Zionists. Over to Pastor Terry Malone of Calvary Prophecy:

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is poised to become the new Middle East peace envoy representing the Quartet and the announcement could be as early as tomorrow. Sources say that he was at first reluctant to take the job unless his authority was broadened in scope to include both economic and political powers.

…Certainly, this doesn’t make Tony Blair the antichrist but it sure puts him in the drivers seat…for now. I also felt the timing of Mr. Blair’s visit to see the pope and sudden conversion to Catholicism to be a little strange, but again, that doesn’t make him the antichrist. Many prophecy experts believe that a future pope will be the false prophet.

I believe the peace and prosperity the antichrist brings will so astound the world that he will be viewed upon globally as the greatest peacemaker of our time. In fact, the Middle East may only be the beginning of his peacemaking exploits

…Through his successes, he will easily win the election to become the first (or second) president of the European Union. It’s very possible that one of his first moves as president could be to invite Israel to join the European Union in either a full or partial status. Either way, it would place Israel under the protection of the European Union. This could actually turnout to be the seven-year peace agreement the Bible speaks of between Israel and the antichrist (Daniel 9:27).  It would also explain why Israel is one of the surviving countries following the world war of Revelation 6:7 & 8 (Fourth Seal) where one-quarter of the world’s population will perish.

Etc, etc.

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  1. This would seem to put these Christian Zionists in the same basket with some of the Labour left…

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