Hinn Leaves Legion of Troubles in Uganda

Last month, I looked at Benny Hinn’s recent crusade in Uganda, and noted the controversy involving his host pastor, Robert Kayanja. It may be recalled that Kayanja and other Ugandan evangelists “fell to the ground unconscious” in Hinn’s presence. However, reports suggest that Kayanja was not particularly pleased by the religious experience: the incident would seem to suggest that Hinn is more spiritually powerful than Kayanja, and popular rumour has it that Kayanja and his colleagues had been exorcised by Hinn. Kayanja’s followers are outraged at the suggestion, and one left a comment on my blog, chiding me for even repeating the allegation:

I would advise you to kindly stop critising the power and people of God.U dont have cruel what curse u may be causing to yourself. This is about Pr kayanja.How cld u mention the man of God to be possed by demons? thats very wrong.Thakx

However, Ugandan media is undeterred, and reports on the latest development (all parentheses in original):

Maria (or Jajja Hornsleth, as the old woman is popularly called by her neighbours, after the Danish project artist who gave Maria her first piglet) keeps her 32 pigs on the Mukono-Kayunga Road, at what would be a safe 20 miles from Namboole [Nelson Mandela National Stadium, where Pastor Hinn’s crusade was]. Her nightmare began immediately after Pastor Hinn’s greatest hour.

The pigs have apparently started to act strangely:

…Maria’s neighbourhood is now pure mayhem. The monsters have been tearing up and devouring anything they can get their snouts on. The mud walls of the sty are down. Clothes are ripped from their lines. Potato gardens have been dug up. A neighbour’s ducks have been mauled and partly eaten. The pigs dragged the mutilated corpses to the sty and trampled over them just for the ffujjo, the hell of it.

Poor Maria’s neighbours are all angry. She cannot appeal to the local pastors, the original hosts of the demons. Pastor Hinn, the trouble-maker, is already far away. A witchdoctor has offered to cleanse the pigs, if Maria will pay with a black goat and a piece of bark-cloth. But far more troubling, the witchdoctor says the demons would then inevitably return to the pastors.

However, another foreign evangelist is about to fly in, so perhaps he can help out:

BARELY a month after the exciting Benny Hinn crusades, Ugandans are already warming up for another American preacher. Dr. Creflo Dollar will be in Uganda on June 13, 2007 also at Mandela National stadium, Namboole.

While Hinn ministered with a miraculous healing anointing, Dollar is expected to deliver teaching on prosperity…”This is a meeting to destroy the spirit of poverty. It is good to be healed but it is another thing if you cannot pay your bills,”

…Unlike at the Hinn crusades when taxi fares from Namboole were hiked, this time UTODA is designating 500 taxis which will have stickers identifying them at an affordable price…A team of American businessmen will be sharing wealth-creating tips and it will be an opportunity to network. Dollar will also speak exclusively to pastors and leaders at Rubaga Miracle Centre and at a private government meeting at Munyonyo.