Claim: Left Behind Game to teach “Non-Violence” to Asians

A press release from Market Wire:

Left Behind Games Inc.has hired consultant Dr. Gordon Chiu to research the suitability of introducing LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces PC game into the Asian market.

Dr. Gordon Chiu has brought many international brands to the Asia Pacific region. Chiu comments, “I personally find the unique platform of nonviolence connects very strongly with ancient Asian philosophies. With the upcoming Olympic games in 2008, everyone is looking for intellectually stimulating products from the United States and Europe that can better prepare them for interaction with Westerners. This particular game has educational benefits to Asian families because they will all want their children to learn about the West without having to engage in violence.”

Chiu’s spin on the subject matter of the game accords with the damage-limitation exercises currently being undertaken by Left Behind Games in the wake of the huge controversy that Eternal Forces has generated (and which has been covered extensively on Talk to Action). But the suggestion that the game is “non-violent” goes beyond even the claims of its supporters: Jerry Jenkins and Jeff Frichner argue that the game’s violence should be put in a Biblical context, while LaHaye has complained about negative coverage on the grounds that the game is no more violent than other games (the fact he has in the past condemned these other games for violence is glossed over).

Chiu continues:

“…This way of learning has been very popular in Hong Kong and is termed ‘edutainment.’ With the movie, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ doing phenomenally in Asia, the game Eternal Forces would be very well received,” adds Chiu.

Not sure if LaHaye will like that comparison. But while LBG CEO Troy Lyndon argues that “Our game does NOT teach the pre-tribulation theology of the book series, except that this worldview is utilized as a FICTIONAL backdrop of the game”, we can be sure that LaHaye sees the Asian video game market as a whole new field ripe for apocalyptic evangelisation.

Assuming that it’s the same person, Dr Gordon Chiu is better-known as a skin-care expert, although he also does technology and “private image” consulting.

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