Museveni Gets Statue of Himself

The Ugandan Kampala Monitor reports:

It is exactly one week since the historic unveiling of the Shs40 million shilling [=about $23,000 – RB] statue at Kabamba military barracks.

It depicts a youthful Popular Resistance Army (PRA) guerrilla leader; Yoweri Museveni directing the attack on the armoury at the beginning of the five year ‘bush war’ between 1981 and 1986 against the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) government of the late Dr Apollo Milton Obote.

The Monitor’s astute commentator Nicholas Sengoba is unimpressed:

…Africa’s issue with statues says a lot about the vicious cycle of our politics. Politics, because on the continent contributions from other spheres of society for instance medicine and education go unnoticed and are rarely rewarded with anything.

…The typical African leader usually starts off on a high note being liberal and reforming as much as possible to sell himself as being different and more enlightened than the usual autocratic gunmen that have graced African politics. His good intentions are perpetually overpowered by human weaknesses.

…He begins to look at the great events (that endeared him to the people) in the past, with nostalgia to draw some inspiration and procure relevance in the sceptical minds of those he leads.

Museveni, a close ally of the White House, has been in power now for 21 years, having scrapped term limits prior to a controversial re-election last May (which came in the wake of a crack-down on journalists). Museveni and his wife also enjoy strong support from US evangelicals, and just a few days ago the president received an endorsement from faith-healing evangelist Morris Cerullo:

CHRISTIANS had their faith reawakened when Dr. Morris Cerullo visited Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral on February for the Fresh Fire for Jesus rally. The American Evangelist took to the pulpit with a vigour that belied his 75 years of age.

…In the congregation were several cabinet ministers, over 20 MPs, business moguls and the Queen Mother of Toro, Best Kemigisa.

After the church meeting, Cerullo also called on President Yoweri Museveni at State House, Nakasero. Accompanied by Kayanja and Peter Sematimba, Cerullo thanked the President for the impressive performance of his government in the last 20 years. He was particularly impressed by the freedom of worship that has resulted in a great number of born-again Christians.

“You are the right man in the right country at the right time and God has blessed your leadership,” Cerullo told Museveni.

Cerullo was hosted by pastor Robert Kayanja, whom I blogged on here.