Polish Creationist MEP Publishes Anti-Semitic Booklet

Booklet on Jews carries parliamentary logo

Maciej Giertych is back in the news. From the Jerusalem Post:

A Polish member of the European Parliament has published a booklet suggesting that Jews are unethical, are obsessed with separateness and are a “tragic community” because they don’t accept Jesus as the messiah.

The extreme right-wing parliamentarian Maciej Giertych, an influential member of the nationalistic, Catholic-based League of Polish Families, released “Civilization at War in Europe” on Feb. 14 at the European Parliament headquarters in Strasbourg.

…Giertych’s book was issued only a month after the formation of a new far-right European Parliament grouping that includes members from parties with a history of anti-Semitism in France, Austria, Romania and Bulgaria. None of those parties, however, has members sitting in a country’s governing coalition.

The booklet apparently carries the logo of the European Parliament.

I blogged on Giertych back in December, when I noted his efforts to include Creationism within the Polish school biology syllabus, and his bizarre letter to Nature on the subject. Maciej’s son Roman Giertych leads the LPF; back in July 2005 I blogged on the party’s opposition to homosexuality – which WorldNetDaily presented as some sort of “family values” campaign against “special rights”, rather than as resurgent fascism. Maciej’s father Jedrzej was also a notorious anti-Semite.

Maciej’s booklet will doubtless be of particular embarrassment to his brother Wojciech, who writes theological speeches for the Pope.

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