Where’s Milingo?

From Ecumenical News International:

A member of the family of the excommunicated former Zambian Catholic archbishop, Emmanuel Milingo, has said the cleric may be held against his will in seclusion near Lusaka by the Unification Church.

The accusation is made by Tomaida Milingo, niece of the former Catholic archbishop who is now close to Rev Moon. Tomaida accuses Emmanuel Milingo’s wife, Maria Sung, of “making contradictory statements about the whereabouts of the former archbishop”, who was reportedly recently in Seoul to study Moon’s teachings; I noted that a few days ago in an entry for Talk to Action. Tomaida wants the authorities to intervene:

“I’m appealing on behalf of the Milingo family to nations of goodwill through their embassies and missions accredited to Zambia not to process applications for visa purportedly made by Archbishop Milingo or Maria Sung’s organization…We believe that the archbishop is not in a condition to decide on matters concerning his life…The last time I spoke to him was on 26 December when he was leaving the US for Zambia. He told me he would be in Zambia on 10 January, but he is nowhere to be seen.”

The Unification Church, however, rejects the claim:

The leader of the Unification Church in Zambia, Adamson Musonda said: “We feel it is unfair for the family of Archbishop Milingo to alarm the nation by saying that mystery surrounds his whereabouts.”

The Church has been active in Zambia for a while; Moon’s wife visited the country last year, and was met by various dignitaries:

…former President Kenneth Kaunda, a key founding father of modern, post-colonial Africa, and former Vice President Zulu, and former PM Gen. Malimba Masheke, and others.

The Church’s Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace organisation held a ceremony in Lusaka in 2004:

The former Second Lady of the First Republic of Zambia, Mrs. Edna Kamanga gave the opening speech. Later, the video “The Crown of Peace” was shown, followed by a lecture given by Rev. Faerber on power-point about family value and the blessing of marriage.

The Guests were invited to participate in the holy wine ceremony lead by representative couple, Dr. L.F. Chipatanga and wife.

Thirteen new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed, including one Indian and two Chinese nationals.

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