Concerned Women for America “Frightened” By Israel

OneNewsNow (formerly Agape) reports that Concerned Women for America is warning of “a ‘frightening’ development” in Israel. But it’s nothing to do with tension with Iran, or oppressive policies against the Palestinians:

An official with Concerned Women for America official is disturbed by the news that, for the first time in history, the Holy City of Jerusalem has recorded and officially recognized the “marriage” of a homosexual couple.

In November, Israel’s highest court ruled that same-sex “marriages” that were legally performed in other countries will be now included in Israel’s records.

…”For them to be recognizing so-called gay marriage officially in the Promised Land, the Holy Land, I think is just frightening, really,” he says, “and it’s just a step away from breaking out the golden calf.”

A while ago I came across a Christian Zionist pamphlet that compared gay Israelis to the pigs that were used by Syrian ruler Antiochus IV to defile the Jewish temple in the second century BCE. Of course, it’s always a shock when Christian Zionists discover that Israel is place that contains ordinary people – which is why they prefer the fantasy of the “Holy City of Jerusalem” rather than the reality of a town that contains (in both Israeli and Palestinian areas) a decent number of bars and nightclubs, and where people work in offices and go to the cinema (I lived there a few years ago, so I know).

The CWA spokesman, Matt Barber, adds:

…Israel’s acceptance of same-sex marriage will give ammunition to its Islamic enemies and fuel their propaganda. “It does provide them fodder — there’s no doubt about that,” he asserts. “They can now turn around and say, ‘Look; like we’ve been saying all along, Israel is the great infidel. They’re the heathen. Just look at what they’re doing now. They’re now recognizing gay marriage.'”

Whereas Barber’s view is that Israel is just great, but that the actual Israelis are letting the side down…

A few months ago, I noted the opinion of Christian Zionist author Christine Darg that the Israel-Lebanon conflict was the result of God answering prayers against the Jerusalem gay pride march.

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