Free Waldron?

A commentator has sent me a press release claiming that Peter Waldron, the American recently arrested in Uganda over illegal guns, has been framed as retaliation for a report he wrote about riots in the country. See the update to my entry here for further details.

There is also a new website, called Free Peter Waldron. This website includes a message from Waldron’s wife; the website’s author, Dave Racer, has also contacted me (see comments) to point out that the purported “girlfriend” arrested with Waldron was in truth his secretary, and that media reports have corrected this detail.

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  1. Comments in response to this post:
    She spammed this same press release across the comments of a number of sites that were posting about Waldron (including my own)… personally, I bet she is either deceived or deceiving… Waldron is almost certainly a Reconstructionist, giving the lie to her claim that he has championed no political view in his work… The fact that the Ugandan gov’t may have found his reporting on the riots to be defamatory, really doesn’t have that carry much probative weight. But I am really curious, like you, what’s at the bottom of all this, so Michelle’s comment is still appreciated, for what it’s worth.

  2. The so-called “girlfriend” of Peter Waldron is his secretary. She is not now, and was never, a girlfriend. The news reports later clarified this.

    Much more will surface about the false charges plied against Peter in coming days.

  3. Thanks, have updated.

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