Campaigner on Hollie Greig and Satanic Ritual Abuse Confirms “Regular Contact” with Wiltshire Police’s Mike Veale

Last Sunday, the Sunday Times revealed that the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, Mike Veale, has been in contact with one Robert Green about allegations of child sex abuse against former Prime Minister Edward Heath: Mike Veale… emailed Robert Green, of Warrington, two weeks ago in response to an email Green had sent him. Veale wrote: “As […]

A Note on an Edward Heath Accuser

From the Surrey Mirror, last month (1): An anguished pensioner who says he was repeatedly raped, beaten and humiliated at a children’s home now being investigated by the police is still tortured by the horrific memories six decades later. James Reeves has been scarred by the abuse he says he endured during his time at Beechholme, […]

Jonathan Ames and Fake News: “Student Investigated for Mocking ISIS” Claim Unravels

Incident is the second time this year Ames has promoted untrue claims by a law student with a grudge From Jonathan Ames, legal affairs reporter at The Times, 5 September: Edinburgh University is investigating a law student over claims that he mocked Islamic State on social media and put “minority students at risk and in a […]

Media Report More Details from “Sources” on Edward Heath Allegations

From the website of Wiltshire Police: Operation Conifer is a national investigation, led by Wiltshire Police on behalf of the Police Service, into allegations of non-recent child abuse made against [Former Prime Minister] Sir Edward Heath. The Operation Conifer Summary Closure Report will be published on our website on the afternoon of Tuesday 5 October 2017. Chief […]

Satanic Ritual Abuse Conspiracy Theorists to Gather in London

Hoaxtead Research has followed up on my post about Rainer Kurz, the chartered psychologist whose conference abstract on “The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath” was published by European Psychiatry, the official organ of the European Psychiatric Association. One new detail noted by the Hoaxtead author is an upcoming conference on “Satanic Ritual & Extreme Abuse” that will be taking […]

On Jonathan Cahn’s Claim that the Bible “Pinpointed the Exact Date” of 9/11

After an extensive build-up, Jonathan Cahn’s Christian book The Paradigm has at last been published. According to a promotional website, the work promises to answer the following questions (emphasis added): Is it possible that this ancient paradigm has determined and is determining not only the American presidency but also the timing of current events, in some cases even […]

A Note on Yellowstone Park and Apocalyptic Fearmongering

Alarming news from WND: NASA plan to stop supervolcano sparks doomsday fears Amid a summertime swarm of hundreds of earthquakes underneath Yellowstone National Park, NASA is developing a plan to tame a “supervolcano” that some experts believe is well overdue for a catastrophic eruption. The scientists’ plan: cool down the volcano. Volcanoes erupt when a certain heat threshold […]

Jonathan Cahn on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the Biblical “Paradigm”

Right Wing Watch has the latest from Jonathan Cahn: During a recent appearance on “It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth,” Cahn told guest host Michael Brown that the elections of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump had all been foretold in the Bible, specifically, in a handful of chapters out of 1 & 2 Kings. […]

Sex Abuse Allegations: How John Hemming’s Name Was Publicised by Activists in 2015

A detail from John Hemming’s statement regarding the allegations made against him by Esther Baker: It is bad enough to have false allegations made about yourself to the police, but to have a concerted campaign involving your political opponents and many others in public creates an environment in which it is reasonable to be concerned […]

Edward Heath Sex Abuse Allegations: Media Circus Continues

Today’s Mail on Sunday front-page splash by the paper’s political editor Simon Walters brings on a sense of déjà vu: Sex abuse probe WILL investigate Ted Heath over paedophile claims: Public inquiry set to look at explosive report by Chief Constable who says allegations against the ex-PM are ‘120 per cent’ genuine The controversial investigation into allegations that […]