Satanic Ritual Abuse Conspiracy Theorists to Gather in London

Hoaxtead Research has followed up on my post about Rainer Kurz, the chartered psychologist whose conference abstract on “The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath” was published by European Psychiatry, the official organ of the European Psychiatric Association.

One new detail noted by the Hoaxtead author is an upcoming conference on “Satanic Ritual & Extreme Abuse” that will be taking place in London this weekend. Kurz will be speaking on “Family Court Child Smuggling”, based on “5 years of investigating Organised Ritual Crime Abuse Network”.

And if that seems to be a bit off the wall, top billing is given to Sandra Fecht, a Canadian counsellor who claims to have “developed techniques to help people unlock unconscious secrets that are buried deep within their memories”. Fecht will speak on how “the same forces that are capable of these extreme abuses control, dictate & limit our daily lives in subtle ways we have been trained to accept as normal.”

Other speakers include Wilfred Wong (previously blogged here), an evangelical Christian who “has investigated SRA in the UK since 1990’s”, and Anne Redelfs, a retired psychiatrist and “Listener”, on how doctors “are unaware that they compulsively recreate trauma through patterns embedded in the system”. Also appearing, according to the conference leaflet, are two of Fecht’s clients,  Fran Toews and Dave Staffen. The point of contact for the event is Jo Lomax, a Hull-based hypnotherapist who has a number of YouTube videos in which she holds Skype interviews with figures who are part of the conspiracy milieu. Her material also forms part of a website called the “Conscious Consumer Network”, which is also where the conference leaflet has been published.

The event comes a week after Redelfs, Fecht, Toews and Staffen were participants at a conference in Dublin titled “Ireland Awakens“, held under the auspices of The Bases Project (described as “derived from the early pioneering Irish UFO Research Centre”). Topics on the agenda were listed as “Sacred Ancient Sites if Ireland”, “Extraterrestrial Life”, “UFO Sightings in Ireland”, “Mind Control & Project MK Ultra”, “Life After Death” and “Ritual Abuse of Children”. The lineup also included none other than Michael Shrimpton (previously discussed on this blog here).

Thus it is not a surprise that the London event will include fantastical claims, with explicitly supernatural elements. According to the conference leaflet, Fecht has “extra sensory abilities”, and Staffen was “mystically guided” into becoming her client. A video of a presentation by Toews given at a “From Illusion to Reality” conference in Prague last year (1) has the alarming title on YouTube “Frances Toews Bred With A Species We Think Is Mythological. Organized Satanic Ritual Abuse, MK-Ultra”. The general tone is New Age, and one wonders how Wong reconciles his alignment with individuals whose beliefs from an evangelical perspective are usually characterised as “occultic”.

This sort of event may appear marginal, but in a world in which David Icke fills large venues and “recovered memories” form the basis for high-profile police investigations, the significance of this kind of thinking should not be underestimated. And the case of Carol Felstead shows the tragedies that can occur when “counsellors” impose their fantasies on vulnerable adults by persuading them to imagine “recovered memories”.


(1) The website and a YouTube video show that David Icke was also present – he was in Prague as part of his “World Wide Wake Up Tour”. The conference is an ongoing series organised by “Alexandra JB”, described on a YouTube blurb as a “swedish/czech medical doctor”. One particular theme at the conferences is that there will be a “NIBIRU-Planet X System Flyby in the second half of 2017”, which will cause a “pole shift” in December. Something to look forward to if we get past 23 September.

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  1. Absolutely despicable that a new generation of troublemakers in the so-called ‘professions’ can revivify a damaging anti-social myth which has already been disproven by a government Report (La Fontaine 1994) .

    In the last 30 years the SRAmyth has cost this country dear in the mental torture of innocents and been a massive drain on police resources amounting to tens of millions of pounds and is directly responsible for at least several deaths of patients of loony SRA-toting therapists.

    The SAFF was created to investigate these false claims at the commencement of the 1990 scare and you can see the history of their excesses exposed on our website (

    It is clear that, the same lobby of ‘professionals’ in the therapy industry who get big money for messing about with vulnerable people’s minds, have got a new foot in the door by jumping on the ‘survivor-lobby’ bandwagon.

    In the firmament of SRA stars which you listed there are direct links to the people who started the Satanic Panic of the 1990s. They hope to piggy-back and mis-represent already discredited and disproven information in another guise to a populace which has forgotten what they did before, and, by using other terminology to confuse the public into accepting the sham again.

    The SAFF has maintained that government is part of the problem in sustaining these beliefs because it has always treated such people as if they are well-meaning do-gooders and that SRA, in each of it’s disguises, would be a ‘seven day wonder’. Thirty years later and the ‘seven day wonder’ is still gnawing away at the inards of our society, infecting social work, destroying our Justice system and costing the NHS an absolute fortune in unnecessary therapy.

    It is our considered opinion that there is only ONE thing which will stop these opportunistic greedy ideologues and that is removing professional indemnity insurance protection from therapists so that patients can sue them in open court. Most people do not know that the witch-hunters are indemnified from their mistakes and malpractice by their employer (Usually the local health authority or the local council in the case of maverick social workers) and so they can do and say anything they like and the ratepayer or taxpayer (you and I) ends up paying the bill.

    However, in the U.S. patients who ‘woke up’ to what their therapists had done to them sued them and won several big (million pound) payouts cut the use of false SRA therapy there dead virtually overnight.

    That is why they are now coalescing in London like moths to a flame, amongst the indigenous SRA hunters here. Because our stupid government still thinks this is a seven day wonder and pays them to do their worst. This lobby of SRA hunters in ‘the professions’ have destroyed other people’s lives and never ever had to stand up to answer for what they did in open court.

    Until such therapists are sued in open court and risk having their lives and careers destroyed in the same way they destroyed the lives of other innocent people with impunity on guesstimates and rumours, the freeloaders will gain in confidence and continue their new demonology for the 21st century. That is why the SAFF is calling for changes in the law to make Therapists responsible for their actions, in the same way that you or I are responsible if we allow our motor cars to kill someone else on the roads.

    It is after all simply a modern witch-hunt. Moreover it is a witch-hunt which pays them very nicely thank you. There’s is a win-win situation.

    Various UK governments over the years have been guilty of allowing all this to happen. Just as they did in the 16c. But it is the British Media which has been the driving force of the myth. By constantly giving space to the SRA-Hunters and promoting their claims they have encouraged them to network and grow stronger. In contradistinction even though the SAFF has spent 30 years prodding journalists and national newspapers on a consistent basis I can count the genuine journalists who have seen the dangers of this myth ( and aired it for public debate ) on the fingers of one hand. Follow the money.

    There is an old axiom which says that the people get the society they deserve but it is interesting to actually watch it happen so repetitively. Goodness knows what future generations will think looking back at all this silliness.

    Tony Rhodes

  2. […] Extreme Abuse” event. He’ll share the podium with SRA proponent Sandra Fecht, described on Barth’s Notes […]

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