Campaigner on Hollie Greig and Satanic Ritual Abuse Confirms “Regular Contact” with Wiltshire Police’s Mike Veale

Last Sunday, the Sunday Times revealed that the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, Mike Veale, has been in contact with one Robert Green about allegations of child sex abuse against former Prime Minister Edward Heath:

Mike Veale… emailed Robert Green, of Warrington, two weeks ago in response to an email Green had sent him. Veale wrote: “As ever thank you Robert.”

The words suggest the pair had communicated previously and will cast fresh doubt on the evidence that Veale’s force has gathered.

…Green is an activist closely involved with fraudulence [sic] allegations in Scotland in the so-called Hollie Greig case, in which claims that a girl with Down’s syndrome had been abused were found to be false. He was jailed for 12 months in 2012 for harassment.

I quoted this section a few days ago, as part of a more general discussion of recent coverage about “Operation Conifer”. Green’s campaign and conviction were covered by the Sunday Herald at the time.

Although the ST did not go into detail, Veale was thanking Green for an email in which he expressed his glee at the Mail on Sunday‘s front-page splash (discussed by me here) about how Operation Conifer’s findings were to be passed on to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. Green’s email and Veale’s reply were published on a Hollie Greig conspiracy website (1).

Green has now responded to the ST article, complaining that it has “defamed” him and stating that he expects “both clarification and suitable retractions to appear in the next edition of the Sunday Times”. However, he has also confirmed that he has been in “regular contact” with Veale, and although he has declined to go into specific details he has indicated that he believes claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse against Heath.

Green’s responses appear in an email to the ST‘s James Gillispie which has now been published on David Icke’s website (oddly, the post is dated 26 May 2017, but it definitely refers to the ST‘s 24 September article [2]), and in an interview given to Richie Allen, whose online radio show is produced in association with Icke (the “regular contact” detail is at 8.42) . Green writes:

The information that I forwarded to Chief Constable Veale was not researched by me at all, but I was merely relaying matters pertinent to the investigation produced by an expert of impeccable reputation, which, I’m sure you will agree, changes the whole perspective of the article. I have never had any contact with any of those who have complained about Sir Edward.

Speaking to Allen, he provided the detail that this person is someone who is “perhaps a little old and frail and can’t deal with these things as well as she might have done”.

Green seems to genuinely believe that his unverifiable assertion about someone he refuses to name and who for some unknown reason is unable to contact Veale for herself “completely undermines the thrust” of the article – despite his conviction and continuing obsession with the Greig allegations.

Allen went on to refer to allegations against Heath that were reported by David Icke in 1998, and then raised the subject of  why the media discounts “ritual abuse by Heath or others”. Green confirmed his belief in Satanic Ritual Abuse, and stated that sceptics are “SRA enablers” who “try to protect” perpetrators (naming Barbara Hewson in particular) (3). This would tend to support Richard Hoskins’s claim that the SRA claims are not just an outlier but the “core strand” of the Heath investigation.

Greens’s email to Gillespie has also been highlighted on Icke’s Twitter feed, in a Tweet stating that “The Sunday Times seeking to undermine Edward Heath investigation by misrepresenting abuse campaigner Robert Green”. There is also a graphic posted with the Tweet, bearing the following words:

Prime Minister Edward Heath was a monumental paedophile and a child sacrificing Satanist. I said it in The Biggest Secret in 1998 – made known to him in the week of publication – and I stand by that today

One of Icke’s informants in that opus also claimed that she saw Heath shape-shift into a giant reptile, while Icke himself has famously claimed that he saw Heath’s eyes go completely black on one occasion.


(1) Green wrote to Veale:

I was generally pleased to see the lead article in today’s Mail on Sunday and the message of support for you and your team by Andrew Bridgen MP, to whom I have just written.

It would have been even more helpful had readers been reminded of the crucial Tim Fortescue interview, about which I have correspondence with Editor-in-Chief Paul Dacre.

In itself, this would have the effect of quietening those who have tried to undermine and threaten you. Hopefully, it worked with James Gray, although the House of Lords have so far refused to discipline Lord Armstrong.

It will be interesting to see if the Daily Telegraph decides to publish my letter on this particular issue.

Fortescue (who died in 2008) was a party whip under Edward Heath; in a 1995 TV interview he stated that whips would try to assist MP involved in scandals, because “if we can get a chap out of trouble, then he will do as we ask for ever more”. He gave as possible examples “debt” or a “scandal involving small boys”. This has been since been cited as evidence that MPs were able to engage in sex abuse with impunity, and thus in support of the most extravagant allegations.

James Gray MP and Lord Armstrong have both been critical of the police investigation. Armstrong has expressed the view that the investigation should be reviewed by a judge-led inquiry.

(2) The email was published on Icke’s site by Andrew Cheetham. It seems that Green forwarded it to a supporter named Julie Hills, who in turn forwarded it to her local MP along with her own endorsement.

(3) It is perhaps worth noting that the Greig case has come to be framed in SRA terms, as I discussed here.