Gareth Icke Claims Bereaved Sandy Hook Father was “Getting Into Character”

In 2013 David Icke wrote and published a post entitled “Sandy Hook was a blatantly staged event with endless inconsistences and countless contradictions”. Rather than provide any evidence, he instead commended readers to a site called Intellihub, where two authors named Shepard Ambellas and Alex Thomas raised the possibility that “crisis actors might have been used”. Both posts were later removed, presumably because of the legal actions against Alex Jones.

However, Sandy Hook trutherism libelling bereaved parents remains alive within the Icke operation, and as noted by Matthew Sweet it was recently expressed by his son Gareth Icke on Icke’s “Icktonic” video-streaming site, during a segment in which he lamented the legal finding against Jones. Describing one bereaved Sandy Hook father at a press conference the day after the massacre, G. Icke says

…he’s laughing, and saying ‘are we ready to get started?’ and then he gets into character…

Icke’s co-presenter was Leilani Dowding, and his interlocutors included Dominique Samuels (who complains that Jones is being “silenced”). Dowding and Samuels will both be familiar to viewers of GB News; the latter is also a regular on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Also part of the discussion were John Mappin, Abi Roberts and Charlotte Emma.

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  1. Talking of conspiracy theories:

    The only two things that need to be debunked are:

    Is there a video of:

    “…he’s laughing, and saying ‘are we ready to get started?’ and then he gets into character…”?


    Is it real or fake?

    Neither of which are addressed as far as I can see.

    in amongst all the ad hominem smears and slurs.

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